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7 Branding Strategies to Generate More Leads for Your Business

7 Branding Strategies to Generate More Leads for Your Business

Are getting more leads for your business a constant challenge for you? You’re not alone. According to HubSpot, there are at least 61% of other marketers who cite lead generation as the number one challenge for their business.

Whether you invest more on inbound marketing or outbound marketing, one thing remains true: the right strategies are what will get you ahead of the competition.

In this post, we want to show you some essential branding strategies that will boost your lead generation efforts, increasing your bottom line in the long run. Ready to start getting more leads and sales?

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7 Great Brand Strategies for More Leads and Sales

Remember Riches Are in the Niches

You can have a business with many offers that cater to several different niches, or you can have a company that serves only one specific niche. Either way, niche marketing works.

By adopting niche marketing, you’re able to make better use of data you collect – be it about your customers’ demographics, media habits, and specific pains. Even if your business currently serves a wide customer base with multiple market segments that benefit from different products, you can still easily tweak your messaging and also offer to be more niched down.

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You can also adopt niche marketing by zooming in on services or products that you know you can deliver well. If you’ve been in business for a while and notice a trend about your most successful customers, it’s possible to provide a very niche offer to capture more of these customers who fit your service.

Take this web design company as an example of the latter. Black Fin Marketing offers web design services for a particular customer: lawyers. The beauty of niche marketing is that it immediately tells your prospect that your offer is for them, so they spend less time “shopping around” when they know you can give them exactly what they want.

Black fin example

Use Branded Links Across Multiple Channels

According to Rebrandly, using branded links in your marketing efforts helps boost brand trust between you and your ideal customers. They found that branded links boost click-through rates by up to 39%. This is because a branded link looks legitimate and professional from the get-go, so users know they can trust the link when they click.

Here are a few use cases of branded links that will help you generate more leads, even across multiple channels, online or offline:

  • Use branded links when promoting a page or post across your social media
  • Cold outreach emails will look more trustworthy when recipients see a branded company link in the body of the email.
  • Branded links make it easier to promote specific pages and offers offline, so you can insert them on calling cards, brochures, or in-store collateral

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Create a Unified Look for Blog Posts and Lead Generation Forms

Lucidpress published a 2019 study that showed a consistent brand boosted revenue by 33%. And it’s often likely that visitors and users don’t often convert the first time they see an offer, even if the offer is free.

Stick to one solid brand image across your lead generation forms, so repeat visitors and prospects become familiar with your brand. After all, if one lead magnet doesn’t convert them, another one on your site might.

The consistent brand image can also remind them that they’ve seen your brand before. Perhaps they came across a valuable blog post that helped them in the past, with a lead magnet that might not have been relevant to them at the time.

So if visitors stumble upon another post with another lead magnet that’s more relevant, they might be more inclined to sign up, especially if they remember that you were the brand they engaged with previously and found value.

There are various, often conflicting, findings of how many touchpoints it takes to convert visitors to leads and leads to sales, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to take more than one.

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Display Mockups and Product Photos Wherever Possible

By showing visitors product photos or mockups, you can give a level of tangibility for users. This makes offers, whether free or paid, more enticing and can encourage more sign-ups and conversions.

zero for business example

The example above, Zero, a zero-waste grocery startup, uses beautiful and unique product presentations to entice visitors to buy. They present product photos differently than most online grocery stores, so you too can think of creative ways to showcase your products.

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Even if your business offers digital services and products, you can still add some tangibility with mockups. Fuzzy Pet Health, for example, uses live chat and virtual calls with licensed veterinarians, and a simple mockup of these exact features goes a long way to show visitors exactly what to expect.

virtual veterinary care example

Include Trust Badges

Trust badges are indicators for new visitors that you’re a legitimate business. From having secure checkout badges, customer testimonials, and even a section on where your business has been featured can go a long way to improving trust between you and users from the very beginning.

Ecommerce stores have several trust badge options, while service-based businesses can make the most of glowing customer reviews and media features to come across as reliable and legitimate.

Shine Text, an innovative self-care app, is a great example. It uses simple trust indicators, like the number of 5-star reviews from users, accolades from the Apple App Store, and where it’s been featured on the media.

get the shine app

Showcase Your Customer Success Team

Humanizing your brand is a great strategy overall because it’s no secret that humans connect with other humans. Finding ways to put a human touch or real face behind your brand can establish trust faster.

This can be a human touch in places that matter most, like customer service. A PWC survey found that 73% of customers consider customer service an essential factor for making purchases. Take this one step further by showcasing exact members of your customer success team on your site, newsletters, and chatbots.

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LiveChat is an example of a brand that does this. They feature real faces of their customer support team on their homepage, so users can immediately know they’ll be speaking to real humans whenever they need support.

livechat homepage

Use Omnichannel Marketing

Last but not least, go for an omnichannel marketing campaign to reach customers where they’re at and get the most leads.

Your brand can benefit from being in multiple channels while maximizing the strengths of each one to provide a seamless customer experience. Instead of simply echoing one post across several channels, you’re using the strengths of each channel in the context of how your customer uses them.

multichannel vs omnichannel marketing

Image source: Robert Katai

It’s also easier to track your omnichannel marketing efforts with project management tools, where each channel and its performance can be found at a glance. Log different posts and specific tactics you’ve used, and keep track of any KPIs that you’re able to measure tangibly.

For example, you can track how many people may have used your unique dynamic QR code to view a promo code in-store or see how many signed up to your newsletter via a specific link or channel. And because omnichannel efforts involve zooming in on the customer journey, this data can also show you which leads may need to go through additional lead nurturing before they’re able to convert to a sale.

By measuring your channels and posts, you can then identify which are the top performers you can continue investing in, and eliminate those that may not be providing any ROI.

Omnichannel Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Wrap up

Getting more leads is the key to getting more sales, so let these branding strategies help you generate more leads faster. Keep experimenting on different tactics, stay grounded in data, and then you’ll be seeing those leads rolling in no time.

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