High end WordPress Engineering services for international clients.

DevriX Ltd is a modern company that specializes in WordPress architecture, development and technical consulting.
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WordPress Development

SaaS, CRMs, Server infrastructure, Plugins Development

WordPress Engineering

Our team has in-depth experience with over a hundred WordPress projects. We value the code quality and strive for higher technical standards, building technical solutions compatible with the latest WordPress standards.

WordPress SaaS Development and Architecture

We have experience with several WordPress-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, building from the ground or extending existing WordPress Multisite platforms for tens of thousands of subsites.

WordPress Product Consulting

If you have an awesome idea and a WordPress team on-site, we could provide you with high end architecture, product or business consulting, or remote team leading options together with regular code reviews.

Testimonials from our happy customers

Mario and his team are flat out awesome.
They’ve been able to handle the most difficult challenges we’ve thrown at them whilst all the time offering a level of expertise and command of their subject area way beyond that offered by your average freelancer or small agency.
In fact, i’d wager you’d struggle to find such committed and skilled workers at this price point anywhere else, putting them easily on a par with some of the leading WordPress dev shops but at a fraction of the price.
Whether you’re looking for a team to make your next big project a reality or to further develop or stregthen an existing project then you won’t be disappointed with what Mario and the devrix/wp-comm.it team have to offer.
Get in contact with them today, youll be in good hands
Stuart Frank Fanboom.net

Working with Mario and his team has been a great pleasure. It is difficult to find reliable developers that actually understands WordPress Architecture while managing client communication professionally, Mario is one of the few of them. Definitely recommend
Julius Solaris Director SocialCoup Ltd

Mario was one of the first professional WordPress Developers I had ever worked with. I was amazed by his knowledge and very impressed by his skill. To this day I use my experience with him as a standard for comparison when looking to hire any new developers for a job.
Kimberly Lipari Director, Client Services, WP Valet

Mario, Stanko and team are great to work with. We’ve worked with them on a number of complex, original applications, and can always count on them to bring extensive knowledge and skill to every project. They’re also very conscientious in their approach – always striving to build the most technically reliable solution. If you’re looking to create a robust software exactly to spec, then I’d highly recommend these guys!
Tom Murray Viral Lead Machine

A joy to work with – quick, competent and creative work. Hope to work with Mario again!
Megan Hargroder

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DevriX Ltd is a modern company that specializes in WordPress architecture, engineering and technical consulting.

We do provide high quality engineering services for international clients. Our staff profiles in different technology stacks in depth. DevriX reduces the effort of exploring a new technology by covering the whole workflow: training for your team, building a specific project for your needs, staging your server architecture and consulting you on the details that require further knowledge in a given niche. Check our WordPress section for more information about the services we offer.


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