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DevriX is a distributed web development team building high-end business solutions on top of WordPress. Grow your WordPress business with the right technical partner now.

How We Work

WordPress Development at $70 per hour

SaaS, CRMs, Server infrastructure, Plugins Development

Technical WordPress consulting

Technical WordPress Development

We come from the Enterprise world and build large web development platforms. We value the code quality and strive for higher technical standards, optimized for both security and performance, being compatible with the latest WordPress standards.

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WordPress SaaS Development

WordPress SaaS/Multisite Development

We have built, launched and scaled several WordPress-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, and created extensible add-ons for WordPress Multisite platforms handling tens of thousands of subsites.

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WordPress business consulting

WordPress Business Consulting

Get more customers. That’s it. We will implement technical, UX and marketing strategies and grow your profit. If you are serious about your business, let’s schedule a call, discuss your business goals and plan your a successful future.

This is how we work.
Partner up with a team of WordPress contributors and grow your business.

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Mario Peshev WordCamp Sofia
Mario Peshev CEO and WordPress Architect at DevriX WordPress.org Community portfolio
We care about quality since better quality leads to higher profits. And happier customers are willing to reinvest back in us. Our Development team is part of the WordPress community. We contribute to the WordPress Core, release free plugins and themes, give back to other plugins, speak at WordCamps, meetups and technical conferences. We combine our technical know-how with our in-depth business research to help you increase your profit, convert your visitors to customers and generate sustainable income from your online business.

What’s your main problem selling online? Contact us and we will solve it.

WordPress Portfolio

Some of our web development projects

33% of executive’s time is spent responding to crises or problems.

Testimonials from our happy customers

WordPress clients

Working with Mario and his team has been a great pleasure. It is difficult to find reliable developers that actually understands WordPress Architecture while managing client communication professionally, Mario is one of the few of them. Definitely recommend
Julius Solaris Director SocialCoup Ltd
A joy to work with – quick, competent and creative work. Hope to work with Mario again!
Megan Hargroder
Mario and his team are flat out awesome. They’ve been able to handle the most difficult challenges we’ve thrown at them whilst all the time offering a level of expertise and command of their subject area way beyond that offered by your average freelancer or small agency. In fact, i’d wager you’d struggle to find such committed and skilled workers at this price point anywhere else, putting them easily on a par with some of the leading WordPress dev shops but at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re looking for a team to make your next big project a reality or to further develop or stregthen an existing project then you won’t be disappointed with what Mario and the devrix/wp-comm.it team have to offer. Get in contact with them today, youll be in good hands
Stuart Frank Fanboom.net
DevriX has a very high WordPress competence that is hard to find anywhere else in the WordPress-community. They have helped us when our own team has been too busy and made outstanding technical deliveries. They are a hard-working team absolutely dedicated to the success of their customers.
Jimmy Rosén CEO at Angry Creative
If it was not for Stanko’s patience, I would still be misunderstanding simple instructions. Can I be dumb and difficult. You guys are the best.
Gary Segal South Africa

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WordPress development news

DevriX at WordCamp Belgrade 2015!

All of us live and breathe WordPress and we love everything about it. Networking with other WordPress developers, business owners and users is always rewarding for us, which is why we’re honored to announce that we’ll be sponsoring WordCamp Belgrade this coming weekend! Our founder Mario will be presenting on Building SaaS with WordPress. The majority of our projects are WordPress-driven Multisite SaaS solutions and we’ll be sharing some tips about setting up […]

WordPress Security White Paper

Sara Rosso announced the WordPress Security White Paper release defining the WordPress core software development and security analysis process by the Core Leadership Team and everyone involved in the security monitoring and maintenance. The white paper is available on WordPress.org and provides a detailed and professional explanation about the security processes in the WordPress core software, as well as the development cycles and version numbering pattern. The white paper is […]

WordPress Themes Talk at WPBGUG From Metodiev

Stanko presented at the WordPress Bulgaria meetup group on Tuesday talking about WordPress Themes and best practices for building them. After spending several years in the WordPress space, Metodiev collected some of our code snippets and best practices, as well as challenging moments while working with 3rd party theme authors or migrating customers with poorly written themes. Stanko described some of the major issues with using off-the-shelf themes. The larger […]
Our latest project sold $30,000 in 3 months. Ready to get yours up?


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The best way to attract people towards your website is by posting highly sharable and appealing content. It does two things, improves your rankings in Search Engine Results (SEO) and enhances your social curation when the content is shared frequently. The more it is shared, the more people will be able to see it and this will automatically attract a large number of people. Although the content you share is […]

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Our WordPress development agency provides the technical and business development experience that leads to higher traffic and better profit opportunities.

We do combine high quality web development with inbound marketing. What we deliver is a stable platform tailored to your business needs and converting more visitors to customers.

Our team of WordPress Contributors will analyze your business needs and provide a solution that will automate your process, improve your technical stack and generate more natural leads. Check our WordPress section for more information about the services our development agency offers.

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