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DevriX Supports ELSYS

DevriX has a comprehensive partnership program with the Technology School “Electronic Systems” associated with Technical University – Sofia  with activities like workshops and student mentoring, career advice and internships for graduates, tutorial assistance for teachers, support and participation in ELSYS events – in addition to an annual-based alpha sponsorship.

DevriX management highly appreciates how this unique technological school is helping young talent excel in their skills. To further accelerate their careers, DevriX has partnered with ELSYS school board to provide practical knowledge, exchange ideas and open professional opportunities for students.

Bojidar Valchovski and Todor Manolov greet ELSYS students on their first school day 2018

Bojidar Valchovski and Todor Manolov greet ELSYS students on their first school day 2018


The Technology School “Electronic Systems” associated with Technical University – Sofia is a specialized secondary school that prepares leaders for the IT sector in Bulgaria and beyond. It was established in 1988 in close partnership with Sofia Technical University to create professionals in computer sciences and information technology.

ELSYS’ graduates go through an in-depth and specialized 5-year educational program that allows them to position themselves professionally and quickly find jobs in the technology sector. Also, ELSYS students develop their soft skills like leadership, problem-solving, project management, teamwork, and communication skills.

In its 30-years’ history, ELSYS has raised over 2,500 young professionals and opened up doors for them in the digital industry.

Presently, seven ELSYS graduates work at DevriX, including Senior Project Owners, our Creative Lead, and DevriX CEO Mario Peshev.

Four of the DevriXians in this picture are ELSYS graduates: Todor, Bojidar, Mario and Emil

Four of the DevriXians in this picture are ELSYS graduates: Todor, Bojidar, Mario and Emil

How DevriX Supports ELSYS

DevriX has been supporting the TUES Alumni organization (AZTUES) as an Alpha Sponsor for several consecutive years now. Our strong partnership with them includes regular initiatives like:

  • Yearly Internships – Each summer several 11th or 12th-grade students work for two weeks on real projects at DevriX’s offices. They pass practical training and have a chance at the end of the internship to present their work to the team and apply for a regular, paid job.
  • Open Workshops for ELSYS students – DevriX management and team leads conduct workshops on numerous topics, such as:
    • Career & Leadership (soft skills)
    • WordPress Basics
    • Web Design Basics
  • School Events – DevriX team members are mentors and team leaders in the unique annual ELSYS HackathonHack TUES.
  • Graduates’ Theses – Assisting with and grading their diploma projects.

Other activities also include: inspirational talks and career consultancy by DevriX leads, students’ visits to DevriX office with practical experience on projects, and mentoring students. 

For the 2019 – 2020 school year, our Creative Lead Alex Dimitrov will be teaching regular “Web Development” classes to ELSYS 11th grade students! 

“I love ELSYS” Quotes From DevriX Team

Ignat Georgiev, Backend Developer

ELSYS taught me how to learn by myself and find original solutions, without the need for anyone to look over my shoulder nor suggest answers. To me, ELSYS is the only school that teaches you how to think and act independently in your early school years.

Alex Dimitrov, Creative Lead

Meeting Mario Peshev as my ELSYS teacher has been a pivotal point in my personal and professional development. Mario motivated me to take more interest in what we studied. So after my internship at DevriX, when he proposed to start working together, I did not think twice. ELSYS helped me acquire some really valuable IT knowledge and skills that are rarely taught in other schools. Most of all, I learned how to think like a developer.

Emil Docev, Backend Developer

ELSYS, along with DevriX, gave me the perfect opportunity to start my professional growth at the age of 17. Now I haven’t even started university yet but I already have one year of professional experience behind me. I do owe a lot to this school! I did not just learn how to code and make sites, I learned how to behave, manage my time and resolve problems. Now I know that overcoming the most difficult ones brings the highest satisfaction.

Bojidar Valchovski, Junior Technical Lead

ELSYS gave me a head start in my professional career by teaching me the skills set required to handle complex technical tasks and logical thinking processes. Also, while in 12th grade, I met Mario Peshev, who invited me to join DevriX as a Junior Software Developer right after my graduation.

In my job today, my solid background helps me tackle complicated scenarios, working on high-scale WordPress platforms serving hundreds of million unique monthly page views and utilizing bleeding-edge technologies to keep up with the industry standards. I would recommend ELSYS to anyone who is looking for a stable career in the IT industry. I am a Junior Technical Lead now and given the chance, I’d love to mentor ELSYS students and help them in their professional growth.

Todor Manolov, Backend Developer

ELSYS is a great starting point if you want to develop your personal skills for the IT industry. Its unique methodology gives solid knowledge in various technical areas so that you have a choice with your career. And even though the teachers (Mario Peshev was one of them, in my case) would always be there for you to help you out, they won’t babysit you but make you think and understand how and why things work.

Apply for an Internship Now

If you are an ELSYS student in 11th or 12th grade, you may apply here for an Internship at DevriX:

Job/Internship Application

  • Are you interested in a job or internship?
  • What would you like to specialize in and learn while working with us?
  • How many hours a week would you like to commit to while working with us?
  • Our headquarters is in Sofia, Bulgaria and we have folks in different time zones and countries.
  • What's your motivation working with us - working with international clients, learning the ins and outs of the industry, practicing a remote workflow while studying, or something else?
  • Do you have any practical experience working in that field? List your projects, previous employment positions or skills obtained as a freelancer or at school
  • What is your expectation when it comes to payment? Internships are also paid, but we offer part-time and full-time options, freelance opportunities or training plans for beginners. While we believe in fair compensation, we need to assess whether your skills would fit our pricing strategy and if we need to focus on education first.
  • What are you passionate about learning or practicing on a daily basis? Could be Multisite development, building designs for responsive websites, running the email marketing campaigns or something else.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 8 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to add a list with your portfolio items, LinkedIn, other relevant entries supporting your application.