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OOP in PHP Development Presentation in Software University

Mario Peshev OOP in PHP SoftUni Presentation Our founder Mario has presented a talk on Object-Oriented Programming with PHP at Software University. The training covers OOP basics and best practices in several programming languages, such as C#, PHP and Java.

Mario has programming and training experience in all of the above, and he explained each of the OOP concepts with its Java and C# similarities and differences. The course students were quite active and asked more than 30 technical questions during the training session.

The OOP talk explained the basics of Object-Oriented Programming, the main paradigms in OOP – inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation, building interfaces and abstract classes, traits, namespaces, the SPL library. He built a few real world examples on-the-fly demonstrating the main capabilities of PHP, including the benefits of using autoloading for declaring classes on demand.


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