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DevriX Is Sponsoring WordCamp Sofia 2018!

Sponsor WordCamp Sofia 2018

WordPress is not just a content management platform, it’s an entire community. As a company, since 2010, we traditionally support the community in every way possible. As a team of 40+ headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, we provide ongoing development and consulting retainer plans for SMEs, fast-paced startups, and publishers generating hundreds of millions of monthly visitors.

In our team, we have 11 WordPress Core contributors that have been supporting the ecosystem since day one. We advocate Open Source solutions, teach tech enthusiasts about WordPress development, both at universities and on WordCamps, innovate with SaaS applications, custom monitoring tools, CRM solutions and a lot more.

We love everything about the WordPress ecosystem, and we want to continue in the same direction. Everything we do is aimed at building and supporting a strong and healthy community. We don’t do it just because of our business, but more because of our aspiration and drive as a team that wants to continuously give back and improve WordPress.

With that being said, we have a big announcement to make. Continuing our support for the local and global WordPress community, we are proud to announce our triple sponsorship of WordCamp Sofia, which is happening on November 24th, and 25th at Arena Mladost Sofia!

It’s our ‘home’ camp, so we are looking forward to meeting lots of familiar faces from the community, expanding our network of friends, and together, making WCSOF memorable!

Why Should You Attend WCSOF 2018?

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast and you love to get involved, WCSOF is an excellent chance for you to step out from behind your desk and interact with the community. If you’re not from Bulgaria, this is the perfect opportunity to find out what’s Sofia all about and meet the people that make the Bulgarian WordPress community cool.

Of course, we’ll be there, at our booth, to welcome you with a pack of swag and the finest cup of coffee, which we will be sponsoring for the entire event. 😊☕

WordCamp Sofia, just like every other WordCamp, is all about learning new things, listening to engaging talks, and meeting up with like-minded people, not just from Bulgaria, but from other European countries too.

You can bet that you’ll make new friends and create long-lasting relationships that you wouldn’t be able to build at any other event. It’s not about individuals, but the entire WordPress community.

Throughout the two day event, you will be able to meet, speak to and get inspired by real WordPress pros and influencers, all with different hobbies and areas of specialization.

The talks will ensure that every WordPress-related question is addressed and discussions revolve around topics such as Agile frameworks, Gutenberg development, WordPress deployment, working with clients, UX, and much more.

From WordPress masters and contributors through to Digital Consultants and WordCamp event assistants to storytellers, everyone will be willing to share their personal stories about professional growth and the latest and greatest in WordPress.

You can find the complete schedule of WordCamp Sofia here. There are still tickets left, so make sure you grab yours!

We Want to Meet You!

While you hang out around WordCamp between tracks, make sure that you visit the DevriX booth. Pick up some swag, and don’t hesitate to say ‘Hi” or ask us about anything that you’re interested in. We are open to discussing all things WordPress and having a nice cup of coffee together, and we also have a number of open jobs that you can apply for if you are interested. See you there 🙂