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Space for Everybody at Hack TUES Infinity

Space for Everybody at Hack TUES Infinity

For another consecutive year, DevriX was honored to be part of the legendary hackathon Hack TUES, which took place online from March 10 to 13, 2022, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What Is Hack TUES?

Hack TUES is the only hackathon in Bulgaria. It is organized by a committee of students at the Technological School Electronic Systems (ELSYS) for other students at the school to show their skills in a competitive environment.

The participants form teams of five, and have less than 3 days to create their own software or hardware projects. They work on a topic set by the organizers, and can use any technology that allows them to meet their goals.

At the end of the programming competition, each team presents their project to a jury of TUES lecturers, TUES alumni, representatives of the sponsoring companies, and specialists in the IT industry. The three best teams receive awards.

Hack TUES was first held in 2015, and has since established itself as an important tradition at the school. 2022 marked the eight edition and, officially, the largest hackathon so far.

The competition involved 224 participants in 50 teams, 50 jury members in the semifinals, 11 jury members in the final, and 50 mentors from different IT companies, including DevriX.

This year, the special name of the event was Hack TUES Infinity. The topic was announced just before the start of the event, and was “Space for Everybody”. The challenge the participants had to face was to develop solutions related to space, cosmology, or astronautics.

There were six subtopics:

  • Space Exploration – Technologies helping scientists to explore space objects (planets, asteroids, stars).
  • Space Home – Solutions supporting the lives of people on the International Space Station (ISS).
  • XSpace – Solutions helping astronauts in their professional and/or personal life after their return from space.
  • Wide Space – Technologies supporting all people to learn about space-related topics, or facilitate space observation.
  • Space Fun – Entertainment project / space-themed game.
  • Truly Everybody – Solutions that directly support people with disabilities preventing them from living and working fully.

DevriX at Hack TUES Infinity

DevriX at Hack TUES Infinity

DevriX is a long-term sponsor of Hack TUES and participates actively in hackathons. This happens through mentoring, organizational support, and providing special awards to the team that wins our hearts.

This year, two backend developers from DevriX, Neycho, and Emil, were mentors during Hack TUES Infinity to help the students with their work and guide them on the path to success. They assisted the teams with tips and tricks on how to advance with their projects, pointed out issues, and suggested solutions.

The boys were impressed by the inspiring ideas and the motivation of the young IT talents and shared the following feedback with our team after the end of the hackathon:

Second year in a row, Hack TUES was an amazing experience for me! I love to see so many young students developing such complex solutions in a matter of days and presenting them in front of the audience like professionals! And being able to help and mentor some of them during the hackathon is absolutely marvelous! – Emil Docev

Apart from mentoring, DevriX prepared a special award for one of the teams.

After carefully reviewing the presentations of all participants, we had to face the difficult task of choosing a favorite. It really wasn’t easy for us to pick only one project, because the ideas were all unbelievably impressive and each and every one of the participants showed an astonishing level of skills and knowledge.

However, the team that made the greatest impression on us at DevriX’s was named “TtT”. The goal of their project “TtT space pager” is to facilitate the communication between astronauts from different nationalities through neural machine translation. What impressed us the most was that, even though the team knew how limited their time was, they embarked on this project anyway, and managed to make a great presentation.

The Bond between DevriX and ELSYS


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Our company, DevriX, and its success are tightly connected to The Technological School Electronic Systems (ELSYS). The reason behind this is that a significant part of the team are ELSYS graduates whose career and professional accomplishments have their roots in the school.

The same goes for the founder and CEO of DevriX – Mario Peshev.

The Bond between DevriX and ELSYS

We are extremely happy to sponsor and partner with ELSYS. Every year we look forward to the school’s initiatives, including Hack TUES and the TUES Fest, where we meet the future top IT specialists of Bulgaria.

Moreover, DevriX actively participates in AZTUES – an association of ELSYS alumni. The organization aims to unite and support the community of graduates, current students, teachers, and friends of the school. It was established in December 2014 and is still active today with more than 1,000 members. Furthermore, it has become the driving force behind a number of events and initiatives that are key to the ELSYS community.

Who Got the Official Awards at Hack TUES Infinity?

The 1st Place in Hack TUES Infinity was grabbed by team “Lemniskata” and their system which assesses the probability of a successful landing in space on – asteroids, planets and moons, based on climatic conditions and altitude.

The 2nd Place was won by team “Kotki s palci” with the project “SPIM” – a system supporting the exploration of Mars through sensors which send information to a database and ABI. The system contains multiple main stations for monitoring of the planet and smaller handheld devices that notify astronauts in case of deviations.

The 3rd Place went to team TtT, which also won DevriX’s award. Their project “TtT space pager” represents a system of pagers helping to cross the language barrier between astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) through neural machine translation.

Last but not Least…

We would like to mention that we see all teams as winners. Congratulations for the hard work, the motivation, the skills, and the awesome innovative ideas!

Also, congratulations and many thanks to the organizers for making this hackathon such a successful event, despite the fact that it had to take place online, and for making DevriX part of all this!

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