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Tutorial Category: General Questions

General questions from customers regarding web development

Remote Working Guide for Enterprises

Remote Working Guide for Enterprises

Remote working is the present and future of work. At least, for most of the tech and office jobs out there. It’s not a novel idea either, for example, countries like Sweden have been innovative and doing it for years now. треWith the developments surrounding us, the prehistoric 9-5 approach is being slowly abandoned. People Read More

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress solution is not trivial, and it also depends on the type, size, and popularity of your project. Check out some of the hosting reviews available online: WordPress Hosting: Compare Hosting by WhoIsHostingThis? How to Chose the Best WordPress Hosting by WPBeginner Manage WordPress Hostings Compared by WP Mayor WordPress Read More

Can I Use a Premium WordPress Template?

Building a WordPress website involves different phases, and building a unique design for your website could be included in the project scope. However, building a unique template for your website usually costs around $2,000 – $10,000 and, unless the brand uniqueness is not the main purpose of your project, you may want to consider the other Read More