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5 Ways to Skyrocket Your WordPress Site Page Views

WordPress Page Views

A website is done, impeccable graphics, astounding content yet traffic seems to be at the lowest. Why is it happening, what wrong did I have done?

If that sounds identical to your website, then you are in the right place and at the right time. Every website owner falls under this gamut once. At one time, they also used to bang their heads for trying to know the reason why isn’t the traffic coming?

Now, before moving any further, first analyze your website as it is very crucial to know what is actually happening. Take a glance at the website’s visitor data. The page view is very important in order to analyze the traffic of the website.

You can simply evaluate the number of page views against the number of unique visits. This stat gives you a clear idea of why your page visits are not increasing. The page views show that you have visitors but at the same time, unique visit shows you that these readers are not getting impressed and leaving your website (that’s the first RED sign).

So, if we talk about the psyche of your page visitor, the level of enthusiasm degrade which leads to lower engagement levels. This lower levels of enthusiasm can lead or I should say will lead to lower conversion rate (That’s the second RED sign).

So, when these things are happening with a website, that’s really not a good time for a website owner. Here in this article, we’re going to cover some of the most effective ways that can help you to overcome these factors and get higher page views than ever.

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First Measure Before Managing

Measure before Managing

Let’s not rush into the ways to increase page views on your website. First, it is important that you should accurately measure your site traffic statistics. There are two benefits of this, first it will monitor your page views and second, it provides an interactive way to see your efforts worth.

So, before beginning the ways and methods, I want to recommend Google Analytics to get the idea of your WordPress website.

What Your Viewers are Looking For?

The major aspect of any website designing and then optimizing, both in terms of content and appearance is your target audience. Who they are, what they expect and what are they looking for.

The ultimate goal of a website is to meet their expectations. Every website owner’s ultimate salvation is to make their target audience’s experience easy and nice. So, if you make their way hard, the harder it gets for them to search for what they want and at last, it results in user leaving the site forever. This increase the bounce rate of the website.

You cannot design your website by putting every person in the world in mind. Because it is too unrealistic. In spite of such situations, you must make your mind for an ideal customer or target audience. After this, the website should be designed accordingly. Now let’s move forward and see the ways that can bolster your page views.

1.  Make the First Impression Count

Make the first impression counts

Many studies have shown that the visitors scan the website for just a few seconds. The first few seconds are actually the first impression of the website to the viewers. If there is a negative first impression, that could be the hardest turnaround time for a website owner.

Now, the main concept here is how to avoid the negative impression and if it is inevitable, how you should increase your chances?

Now, the first thing that actually matters is not content. Surprised? Yes, content is not the king when it comes to the first impression. Content is too soon for that. The first thing that matters is the web design. A web design is very crucial when it comes to the first impression. A bad web design can deteriorate the user experience and can create a full reverse impact on the page view of the website.

According to a study, 94% of the visitors reject a website because of its web design. These include too much text, an unattractive design and use of color and a busy layout. So, 94% of user rejects the website due to these conditions. Now, what to do in such condition, first you have to let your website breath. With the breath I mean to give a break in stuffing design all over your web page. Use the white space properly and give a proper proportion in the designing of layout, text attributes and use of color.

2.  A King is Always a King (Content)

Content is the king

As I said above, content has very less relevance over the first impression of a website. Yet in spite of any of these reasons, content is unaffected and still holds the key importance in this entire website business.

Website content plays a crucial role when it comes to bouncing back rate of a website. If your content is as good as your viewer expects, he will bounce back for more for sure. Although for letting you know about the tenets of writing might requires another article. Yet I recommend you to go through this link once.

3.  Impact of User’s Experience

Impact User’s Experience

via Neil Patel

As per some dictionary definitions, we can simply say user’s experience as, “A person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system, or service.”

In spite of having some hard and fast rules about the UX, still, one simply can’t just follow those and finish the task. It is a very sophisticated topic and one needs attention to this task with the high level of skills.

Some of those hard and fast rules are,

  • Clear navigational menus
  • Easy finding social icons
  • Clear Call to Actions
  • Golden Words- “Less is More”
  • Fast site speed

So, you can increase the user experience by following some of these bullets points. That will definitely increase your website’s page views.

4.  Website Navigation

website navigation

Now, with Navigation, your website viewer will be guided across. That means that if you really mean to ease the pathway of your website then you have to set your website navigation easy and simple.

A normal semantics could be very helpful here. Semantics is basically, “Science of Meanings”. All your navigational options should be easy to locate and should take the visitor on the exact location where it is signed for.

So, improve your site navigation to increase the page view of the website.

5.  Make Your Site Faster and Lighter

website speed

The point to be noted here is if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of visitors abandon that web page. So, if you really want to bolster your page views, try making your website a little lighter.

There are many ways by which you can actually make your website faster and lighter,

  • Use of CDN can help you immensely.
  • Use optimized images.
  • For mobile users, you can use AMP version to lighten up the speed of a website.

So, these are the ways which actually bolster the page view of a WordPress website. If you have some more ways, please mention them in the comments and let me know.

Author Bio – Jason is a specialist in custom WordPress web development and technical content writing. He is currently associated with Wordsuccor Ltd and has been helping new and existing businesses get online with user-friendly websites. If you’re interested in working with Jason, you can find him on Twitter.