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How to Ensure MailChimp Emails Actually Reach Your Users

MailChimp emails

If your emails are not reaching the inbox of your subscribers then your email marketing strategy will not be successful. The most crucial thing about your MailChimp newsletter and emails are their successful delivery. In order to do that, all you got to do is to authenticate your emails. In simpler words, you have to prove to the servers and subscribers that it is really you who is sending out the emails.

Why is authenticating necessary? Email, as you know, is a playground for spammers who use someone else’s email addresses to push out their own emails. MailChimp has its own authentication methods that you can use for this purpose. It provides a trackable identifier that indicates you are a genuine sender. More and more people are doing this and authentication by email marketers has increased to 67%.

Here is everything you need to know:

Things You Will Need For the Authentication

You will need the following to carry out this important process:

  • Access to domain registrar.
  • Information regarding DNS to add records like TXT and CNAME to the domain.
  • A custom domain.
  • Time – it can take a day to process it.

The Process of Authenticating the Email

You can carry out the process from your MailChimp account. Follow these steps:

1. Open MailChimp and log in to your account

log in page mailchimp

2. Click on your name on the top right.

account menu mailchimp

3. You will see a drop-down with multiple options including Account panel.

profile menu

4. Now click on “Settings”.

settings account menu mailchimp

5. Now choose “Verified Domains”.

MailChimp settings menu

6. Here you will see a button, ‘Verify A Domain.’ Click on this button and it will ask you for the email address.

view list of verified domains mailchimp7. Enter the email address you are using to send out emails to subscribers on your list.


8. Once you have entered the correct email address, click on “Send Verification Email”.

9. Go to the inbox, sign in and you should have received an email with a verification code.

verification mail from mailchimp

Over at MailChimp, you will see a text box asking for this verification code. Simply copy and paste the code from your inbox. This has just verified the email address. Now you need to authenticate the domain too.

The Process of Authenticating the Domain

On this very page, the “Settings” in the “Verified Domains” list, click on the button “Authenticate” next to the email you’ve just verified. Now you will see the TXT record that will be included in your domain. You need to copy the exact code and paste into a TXT record by going into your domain’s “DNS” settings.

Below this TXT code, you will see another code numbered 2. This is the CNAME code. You need to copy this code to your domain too.

Next, you can click on the “Authenticate Domain” button at the bottom of the window. This should do the job but you will have to be patient because the domain registrar can take a few hours to update. Now you will see both “Verified” and “Authenticated” on the same list. Of course, you have the option to disable this authentication whenever you like. Just click the button on this domain.

Once you are done with these two processes, you will notice that your email addresses will be more accurate. The images will load quickly in your emails and it will successfully make it to the inbox instead of ending up in the Spam box.

Importance of Authenticating

This process is important because it has so many benefits.

  • It is a proof that you are who you say you are and will tell your subscribers the emails are coming from an authentic source.
  • It  shows the exact email address without appending some sort of gibberish link that makes no sense and looks like spam.
  • Mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo and others will trust you and not immediately send your emails to a Spam folder. Therefore your email marketing or newsletter campaign to be successful.
  • The trust will also increase among your subscribers as well.

If you are using MailChimp and still have not verified and/or authenticated your domain, you should do it now. It’s easy to do, anyone can set it up, and your email marketing campaign will now reach its intended customers.