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How DevOps Helps Your Company to Grow

DevOps is growing by leaps and bounds. While adoption has hit 50%, many organizations are still unsure of what DevOps really is.

DevOps represents a set of practices that incorporates software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). This system is meant to increase the abilities of organizations to deliver services and applications at a higher speed by bringing together essential tools, practices, and cultural practices. With DevOps, organizations do not have to stall due to bugs and outdated features.

DevOps adapters ensure time fixation and enhancement.

Nevertheless, this article explores the position of DevOps in the growth of a business. To understand how DevOps help your business, we have outlined the significance of DevOps in the delivery of software, an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, and general organizational progress.

In this post, we will take a hard look at DevOps values and how they make your business grow.

What is DevOps

DevOps lacks a fixed definition as it’s not a workflow or framework. Rather, DevOps is a shift of culture to make businesses more adaptive to changes.

DevOps is essentially about bringing together the development and the operations teams in a software development firm. Both teams collaborate to eliminate silos and strive for quicker innovation adoption.

Under a DevOps culture, your dev team writes codes with the production environment in mind. As a result, the whole team is responsible for performance and efficiency.

DevOps helps dev and operations work together, deploy apps faster, make changes without disruption, and recover faster. You can create a product resilient to the risks that haunt software companies.

Now, let’s see how exactly DevOps is responsible for business growth.

DevOps Benefit: Deliver Software Faster, Safer, and Reliably

DevOps can help you streamline workflow, make iterations shorter, and increase responsiveness. Through technologies like Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), a DevOps partner can help you improve performance and productivity.

DevOps is integral to every business value stream, and for that reason, DevOps is fundamental to Safe. DevOps is not only about business operations and development, but you are expected to release value, like compliance, security, legal, marketing, and audit.

Concerning reliable software, you will have the opportunity of working with customers in implementing the culture of DevOps in your organization. The culture is achieved by using the software tailored towards the specific needs of the company. Examples of the tools include Bitbucket for versioning, Ansible for configuration and management of servers, Docker for continuous deployment, and GIT for version control.

In the environment of DevOps, the complexity of problem resolution is low because changes are frequently made even if they are in smaller batches. An example of the problem resolution promoted by DevOps is Telemetry, which is an automated system for collecting real-time data.

Telemetry helps with a quick assessment of the impact brought by frequent application changes. Problem resolution also happens faster since no team will want to wait for another group to troubleshoot and fix the widespread problem. Imperatively, you can implement telemetry to collect automatic data on the solution’s technical and business performance.

Above all, business data should be transparent, visualized, meaningful, and accessible to everyone. Perhaps, that is how problems and trends can easily be spotted.

grow your company with devops

DevOps and Benefits Witnessed by Business Organizations

The business value of DevOps technology is also quite profound. The strategy improves application quality and reduces delivery times of business software. DevOps technology also enhances the productivity and development of business teams. The trend of DevOps has made several business organizations to automate their deployment and software release processes.

DevOps can benefit your business organization by improving office communication and collaboration. Frequent communication increases productivity and the more workers communicate while working together, the better they ensure quality service delivery. In that case, it is imperative to find out why DevOps is a tool for enhancing employees’ camaraderie while boosting their morale. These are also some of the reasons why DevOps is one of the best tools for team management strategies.

How DevOps Drives Business Growth

How DevOps Drives Business Growth

As the name of the method sounds, DevOps brings two essential parts of your business operations. The method brings Operations and Development into one umbrella. Perhaps, one umbrella might be a single team having common goals. The integration of business developments and business goals means that your business team takes care of every stage of the DevOps application lifecycle, which includes development, testing, and operations.

You also have the liberty of pushing the DevOps method to its limits. Your business team will be working together to bring new practices as they take advantage of business automation promoted by DevOps technology.

As one of the many benefits of DevOps, automation makes rapid business growth by cutting down slow and manual business processes. DevOps allows business organizations to evolve rapidly and consistently. However, DevOps can be very complicated if not adopted correctly.

Great Business Growth

According to the State of DevOps Report 2019, top performers enjoy DevOps benefits like:

  • Deploy codes 208-times faster
  • Recover from incidents 2,604-times faster
  • Lower change failure rates by 7-times
  • Make lead time from committing to deploy 106-times faster

Also, the key metrics of DevOps deployment include:

  • Availability
  • Time to restore
  • Deployment frequency
  • Chang fail
  • Lead time

Outsourcing your DevOps to experienced firms allows you to earn a quick return on your investments. You can also release more products and services to increase profitability.

DevOps and Values Added to the Business

Integration Of DevOps target quality testing, continuous testing, product delivery, maintenance releases, and feature development. You need the DevOps method for improving business security and reliability because it provides faster deployment and development cycles. Therefore, when using DevOps, your business will report significant benefits such as:

  • Reliable releases
  • Increased number of satisfied customers
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Stable releases.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, it is the increased ability to develop the correct product by fast experimentation that attracts many business developers towards the idea of DevOps.

Benefits of DevOps: Boost in Productivity

The gap between dev and ops created a range of inefficiencies that cost organizations heavily. Time is money, and traditional ops seemed to waste time the most. Until DevOps came, a traditional DevOps team would

  • Spend over 7.2-hours per week on communication
  • Need 21% more time to deal with incidents
  • Waste 41% more time overall

Fast forward to the future, and we have no more barriers to increase productivity. DevOps improves collaboration and cooperation by 55% and helps everyone stay on the same level. Businesses can also recover from incidents quicker and even have fewer mishaps.

Implementing DevOps can help you save 60% time you spend on handling support cases. On the other hand, time spent on infrastructure improvements increases by 33%.

All of these benefits of DevOps add together to increase productivity. Our team can help you automate repetitive routine tasks to free time and reduce costs.  Business growth and competitive advantage come in as a natural part of the process.

Top Advantages of DevOps: Positive Customer Experiences

Top Advantages of DevOps: Positive Customer Experiences

DevOps can use various technologies like CI/CD to continuously improve functional integrity. You can keep checking for safety procedures and keep pushing updates without disruption functions:

  • Incorporate security checks in automated units right from the start.
  • Codes are written in small parts and included in the project constantly to reduce unpredictable outcomes.
  • You can also track log practices and take advantage of real-time data to improve performance.

DevOps lets you create applications that work like a charm. You can cut down bugs, reduce support calls, and provide a great customer experience. As a result, you have more customers ready to purchase your product.

The value of DevOps is prominent in all industries. Let’s take a quick look at how the advantages of DevOps help different industries grow.

DevOps in eCommerce

Ecommerce depends on robust applications that handle a huge amount of data and queries. Challenges include:

  • Personalization of services
  • Speed of processing
  • Security
  • Database integrity
  • Difficulties in maintaining customer loyalty
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stuck in the old ways of business transactions
  • Omnichannel customer experience

Engineers can help eCommerce companies adopt the cloud with the right tools and workflows. You can deliver faster, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure a smooth operation. We also help you seamlessly integrate new features to stay competitive.

DevOps in Travel and Tourism

Like eCommerce, modern travel businesses are app-dependent. Travel companies handle immense data flows, and need to resolve queries at the tap of a button. Naturally, older infrastructure and methodologies don’t cut the cake anymore. DevOps services can help the tourism industry to:

  • Develop reliable solutions quickly
  • Optimize workflow to increase efficiency
  • Ensure functional integrity
  • Create more stable operating environments
  • Deliver features faster

DevOps in Finance

The finance industry is a voracious adopter of technology. However, many banks and insurance companies are still stuck in legacy. That creates difficulty to meet market changes and newer trends in customer demands. Financial organizations need to be most agile among the list.

An expert DevOps partner like Alpacked can help businesses break out of silos and cater to the new market. You can enjoy several DevOps benefits like:

  • Improved security and compliance
  • Automation to conserve resources
  • increase accessibility of capabilities (phone, mobile, laptop)
  • Knowledge share
  • Cost efficiency
  • Comprehensive skillset

DevOps in the Manufacturing Sector

The successful use of software within the manufacturing space is contributed by DevOps. DevOps technology in the Manufacturing sector delivers continuous delivery and business agility, which not only brings customer satisfaction but also increases business performance and efficiency.

The method fuses operations and development teams to save time, break down barriers, and create a leaner manufacturing organization. What follows are some of the benefits that the DevOps method brings to the manufacturing Industry.

  • Continuous delivery.
  • Increased Collaboration.
  • Continuous integration.
  • The use of DevOps trickles down as the culture of the entire manufacturing organization.

DevOps for the Retail Industry

In the retail industry, DevOps is a transformation that gives a competitive edge. Consumer preferences are ever-changing, and it has affected the face of every industry. The changing business trends are also posing win-to-win challenges to the players of the retail industry. For that reason, the benefits retail industry has received from DevOps include:

  • Digital transformation.
  • Enhance the software lifecycle for productivity.
  • A new culture for streamlining business processes.

Final Thoughts

DevOps provides a solid return and helps you innovate continuously. You can keep creating positive user experiences with a reduction in cost and time. Faster deployments and the ability to counter market changes make you highly competitive and resilient. Join hands with DevOps and embark on the path of continuous profitability to grow your business.

The future of business relies on DevOps. DevOps practices establish a new business culture that will work beyond your software environment. DevOps will shape organization business approaches, including better decision-making.


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