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Most Effective Yet Overlooked Content Marketing Strategies

content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies continue to evolve with time. Those who have spent considerable amount of time in any of the field related to content marketing would agree to the statement to a great extent. Companies keep on changing their content marketing strategies and continuously bring about innovations in their approach to stay ahead in the game. Since the competition is so tough, complying with old school methods may not be the best option especially in the world of marketing.

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Having said that, these innovative marketing and content marketing strategies do not always pay off. They tend to back fire on many occasions. In some cases, it can be seriously damaging to an organization’s cause. It is quite astonishing that even after your intense meetings and discussion with the best of your company’s professionals, you just don’t get the desired results. One of the main reasons for this failure is that companies are sometimes ignoring some important marketing methods.

So in this article, we bring to you some of the most obvious and efficient marketing techniques and content marketing strategies that companies forget while planning. It mostly happens when they tend to overthink and try to think out of the box. Which is not bad by the way. However, playing by the rules should be the first priority and sticking to the basics is quite an important aspect of any marketing plan. A little bit of refined innovative touches are most welcome but in general, there are some key aspects you need to look at before you throw your plan in the market.

So we shall see where you might be getting it wrong. This article shall help you to reflect upon some of the basic mistakes that you might be making in your effort to succeed.

The need to Catch the Eye

This is the basic ingredient to content marketing strategies. An eye catching content is probably the most important element in any marketing strategy. Viewers and visitors on website pages go for reading out the content only when they find the website visually engaging. So if you can catch their eye, you have better chances of succeeding.

Catchy Images help content marketing strategies

Posting a good image or graphics on your main page is probably the first step in visual engagement. So here is what we suggest:

Go for images and pictures that are simple yet intriguing. Remember, it is just to get the visitor’s attention so you don’t need to stuff up the image or picture with unneeded facts and figures. However, the image should speak much about the product or content you wish to market. It is probably the ice breaker between you and your customer. 2016-02-01 14-11-48

Good color scheming is also vital as many customers do not like it too bright and colorful. Use simpler and sober colors in the images at your page.

Slide shows and Presentations

Another technique for visually engaging a customer is the use of slideshows and presentations. Many customers are not too fond of scrolling down the pages and reading out the complete content. So you need to serve them well. Introducing slide shows and presentations is therefore a good option. It is much like you are directly speaking to your customer.

While making slide shows, it is important to keep it precise and ‘to the point’. This is one common mistake that people tend to overdo things while making presentations. Your core objective is to convey your message so keeping it concise is pretty much what you need.

Slideshare is a great platform for such tactics and it will be surprising to know that most companies do not use it for reasons only known to them. So if you haven’t yet chosen Slideshare for marketing, right there is the first mistake that you’re making. It’s simple and effective, try it! 2016-02-01 14-13-33

Visual Facts and Figures

If your content is word oriented and as long as a raccoon’s tail, it can bore the readers. To keep the readers interested in your articles and content descriptions, relevant infographics are necessary. Make sure to add images, charts and graphs that support your ideas and enhance their authenticity. This is probably the only way you can have your customers read out your complete 5000 word article.

Nowadays, several online applications have made it pretty easy to design your own graphics by simple drag and drop methods so literally anyone can create perfect infographics. According to a research, traffic on your website can be doubled by simply using infographics.

Your Blog is Just Another Marketing Tool

Some businesses view a blog as the primary source of content marketing strategies. It is a major misconception which needs to be addressed. People tend to write blogs for reasons sometimes even not known to themselves. They tend to put all their business and marketing information in those blogs. Hence, if the blog isn’t successful, they either stop blogging or change their tactics.


You need to go easy on the blogs. Keeping it updated is a good thing but you should ask a question to yourself before starting a blog for your business: “Is it necessary?” Your business may not need a blog at the time so it is better to analyze the timings in order to save your resources and time.

Seek for Your Audience

If you are to buy vegetables for your meal, you don’t go to the meat shop. You seek out to a vegetable market.  Also, you just don’t think you need to have vegetables so they will jump into your basket. You have to go searching for them. Similarly, there is a big need to understand where your audience lies and how you can connect to them when it comes to setting your content marketing strategies.

One of the failures of marketing plans is that their blogs and posts do not reach the concerned group of people. It is mainly because of lack of research that the businesses do not know where to market themselves.


It is entirely dependent on the company how it carries out the search for its audience. Introducing an innovative idea about your product on social platforms is possibly one idea to engage the audience of your type. However, you can bring about changes according to what you feel is appropriate. The main objective is to get your audience listening to and following you.

Online social groups such as LinkedIn is one potential platform where businesses can address to their type of audience with ease. Social media pages that suit your business type are also a potential hub for your audience. Search for your audience, it is important to a better marketing strategy.

Your Content is the Key

What you wish to market is probably what will get you to succeed. After having found your audience, having sought the attention of your audience, engaging them enough through your visual graphics, it is now your content that will help you succeed. According to a research, a survey of more than a hundred million articles suggested that the articles that were most read by the users had some of the following characteristics:

  • The longer the better

People like sharing and reading intellectual material which is visually longer and comprehensive. According to NY Times, longer contents are much more likely to be emailed than shorter content.  Articles having a word count of more than 3,000 words are more likely to be published and shared than shorter ones.

  • Emotionally engaging

Articles that address to public’s emotions and feelings are much more likely to connect with people. People are fond of reading material that engages them emotionally. Especially common people who have a lesser business sense are prone to reading your content if it emotionally attracts them.

  • Keep it Hilarious

Your content should include an element of humor. No one likes reading lengthy and boringly serious articles. Regardless of what background the reader may have, there is always a liking for humorous and witty content as compared to serious articles. Also, there is a high probability of success if your article is witty.

  • Listicles and Tutorials

Article writers would understand that long paragraphs and texts tend to be boring and sometimes put off customers. Therefore, shorter paragraphs, bullet points and more subheadings can make a content more attractive and readable. People like learning from such articles so listicles and tutorial articles are much read by most viewers.

  • Influential Personnel can be helpful

Research suggests that the content and articles shared by public figures are read quite a bit. This is because of the fans and followers of that person seek to follow everything the person does or shares. It also authenticates the article’s content. So you might want to contact a few public figures for your content’s promotion.

Share Your Content

One of the major flaws content marketing strategies is that once your content is done and dusted, it doesn’t get its fair share on social media. Blogs and websites do not get recognition in the market because they are not shared enough on social platforms. So if you have designed a social media page, you need to regularly update it with your latest blog posts so that your followers can be updated.

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