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15 Social Media Profiles that Will Inspire You to Step Up Your Content

15 Social Media Profiles that Will Inspire You to Step Up Your Content

Social media profiles are very powerful. It’s an asset for both small and big organizations that are hoping to market their brands on the Internet.

Profiles on different social media platforms are super easy to use, and some of them even have paid advertising options for organizations that want to reach out to new groups of onlookers.

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Notwithstanding, on the grounds that your business should be on social media sites, does not imply that it must be on each online networking site.

To appropriately use the power of online networking, you have to know more about the popular social media profiles and distinguish the strategies that work best for your business.

To make this simple for you, we profiled 15 social media profiles, so you can now decide on your marketing choices.

15 Social Media Profiles that Will Inspire You to Step Up Your Content

  1. Mashable
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Wildfire Interactive
  4. Jay Baer
  5. Jessica Northey
  6. Burt’s Bees
  7. Uno Pizzeria & Chicago Grill
  8. Robert Scoble
  9. LiveScribe
  10. Toy Story
  11. Coca-Cola
  12. Trey Ratcliff
  13. Oreo
  14. The Twillight Saga
  15. Red Bull

15 Social Media Profiles that Will Inspire You to Step Up Your Content

Regardless of whether you are utilizing social media platforms to build awareness for your business, to convert your leads to sales or whatever else, it’s critical to be acquainted with a wide range of social media profiles. It will make your performance better.

Profile #1: Mashable

It is one of the greatest and best assets for online networking news today. Its originator and CEO, Pete Cashmore, has made a colossal organization in a specialty with an unending measure of rivalry.


Presently with more than 80 representatives, Mashable is an honest to goodness organization with a huge amount of adherents, a strong notoriety, and a trademark that says it all: “The Social Media Guide.”

What Is Its Area of Expertise?

Mashable conveys the news. It’s that pure and simple. In the event that there’s something else you need to consider, another application that’s available or another standard on Facebook or Twitter, Mashable is the site you need. They are the go-to hotspot for all things newsworthy in online networking.

Why is Mashable So Popular?

Part of the explanation for Mashable’s tremendous prevalence is that they’re continually refreshing their site and social pages with the most recent news. They’re the specialists in this regard. It’s every other person who has to get up to speed.

Another piece of their web-based social networking prevalence is that they’re ready to make news engaging without offering amusement for news.

Profile #2: TechCrunch

It is one of the business’ top web distributions, giving news and technology analysis. They also offer a considerable measure of audits of new ventures, and they’re prized for their fair-minded go up against all things online networking.


What Is Its Area of Expertise?

Very near what Mashable offers, TechCrunch exceeds expectations in, well, technology news. The thing that makes TechCrunch emerge is that they additionally present а top to bottom examination of what it is they’re talking about.

Why Is It So Popular?

People who take after TechCrunch get more than their news; they additionally get audits and sentiments and hard information regardless of whether something works, how it works, and even expectations about an item or organization going ahead.

They’re the most loved news system of startup web businesses all over the place.

Profile #3: Wildfire Interactive

It is drumming up some excitement among organizations that need to streamline their Facebook movement and win more supporters.

Wildfire Interactive

What Is Its Area of Expertise?

It makes programming for the B2B kind, including an extensive variety of applications to be utilized on interpersonal organizations like Facebook.

Why Is It So Popular?

Wildfire is to a great degree well known with specialists who have Facebook pages. Their applications take into consideration simple advancements and other extraordinary components, however, Wildfire also makes you feel like a piece of their business by giving you a chance to see an individual side of the organization.

Profile #4: Jay Baer

He had an extremely great resume before beginning his own office in 2000, Mighty Interactive. In the wake of opening up this web methodology and SEO-based office, Jay went ahead to begin to Convince and Convert in 2008, a web-based social networking procedure consultancy.

Jay Baer

What Is Its Area of Expertise?

Jay’s mastery manages web-based social networking and the internet promoting. His distinctive strategies have helped brands ascend from the pit into conspicuousness. He is an exceptionally regarded specialist inside his specialty.

Why Is It So Popular?

Jay Baer has a ton of the qualities you’ll discover in a decent brandishing mentor. These qualities make him an incredible motivational speaker. He’s an expert, congenial, and he exhibits his data in a cordial, educational manner that anybody can get.

Profile #5: Jessica Northey

She is a major name in web-based social networking. Her business helps other people brands excel in this aggressive medium.

Jessica Northey-Shaw

What Is Its Area of Expertise?

Jessica exceeds expectations in online branding. Her genuine aptitude lies in helping artists and others in media outlets procure a considerable measure of acknowledgment. Aside from heading up her own site, she’s additionally a feature writer at and brags a great customer list.

Why Is It So Popular?

Jessica’s online prevalence isn’t a mischance.  She feels comfortable with a strong branding approach. She’s extraordinary at propelling individuals. Her tweets are motivating to many, oozing eagerness. She shows individuals how they can excel.

Profile #6: Burt’s Bees

One of the best components on the Burt’s Bees page is their utilization of photographs and video. They utilize the photographs and recordings to give a background perspective of their organization and items.

Burt's Bee

Burt’s Bees says the kind of components utilized, as well as their proposed components are protected, and they allow all guests into their lab. This is an extraordinary case of an approach to advance your organization and items while including an incentive through fascinating subtle elements.

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Profile #7: Uno Pizzeria & Chicago Grill

It has taken a full favorable position of the Facebook application FBML to highlight their menu alternatives in an engaging way. They have numerous tabs devoted to particular areas of their menu and utilize symbolism to lure their fans.

Uno Pizzeria and Grill

Moreover, their welcome tab has a connection to the most vital areas of their site, including web-based requesting alternatives. At the point when non-fans go to their page, interestingly, they get a moment depiction of Uno’s offerings.

Profile #8: Robert Scoble

He is one of only a handful couple of ultra-fruitful business people online who have had their Facebook account strangely close down. Indeed, even still, one can see his success by looking at his other social profiles and his general web presence.

Robert Scoble

A blogger and tech evangelist, Scoble previously worked at Microsoft and knows more about the tech business and social advertising than the vast majority will ever know.

Robert possesses the capacity to develop mass prominence. Most importantly, he’s an unquestionable PC tech master, with all that could possibly be needed with certifications to demonstrate it.

Furthermore, he’s exceptionally open about where he stands on everything, no matter what people think. He’s an active, agreeable kind of fellow who is extremely welcoming.

Profile #9: LiveScribe

It has consolidated two components into their page to help them offer more items and cut back on support calls.


To start with, they’ve made a sharp looking retail facade as one of their tabs. You won’t be able to purchase from the Facebook page, yet you can tweet about their items and post about them on your Facebook page.

These two alternatives help make a more noteworthy presentation for LiveScribe’s items. At the point when your companions see that you’re posting about another item, it’s normal for them to need to know more.

  • LiveScribe has fused a support work area straightforwardly into their Facebook page.
  • You can ask a question, share a thought, report an issue or even ask a question from their Facebook page.

Profile #10: Toy Story

It has made a remarkable showing with regards to making their page both fun and utilitarian. The fun begins with their new application, Toy Creator, where you can make an animated toy of yourself. Both children and grown-ups can get in on the activity and afterward share their new creation on their Facebook page.

Toy Story

Keep your fans inside Facebook as much as you can. Bring your content, interesting encounters, and purchasing opportunities to them as opposed to making fans leave the site to interact with your business. Your odds for a more prominent communication and a greater rate of profitability will drastically build the more you keep them on your page.

Profile #11: Coca-Cola

It has secured its spot as one of the highest Facebook pages because of their imaginative advancements and fun, intelligent elements.


Their most recent promotion is the Summer Snapshot challenge, where they urge their fans to bring photographs of themselves with their Coca-Cola. Not only does this get fans to their page, the challenge consolidates their product with photographs of their fans consuming the product.

Photographs are seen more than anything else on Facebook. They turn into a web sensation rapidly in light of the fact that when a fan posts a photograph, that photograph is then conveyed to the rest of the world. Thus a huge number of possible new fans will see these photographs.

Profile #12: Trey Ratcliff

He is an exceptionally powerful individual in the domain of online networking. His site manages High Dynamic Range photography,, and is one of the chief destinations in its particular specialty. The majority of Ratcliff’s fame is driven by his great social showcasing. He made the “100 cameras in 1” iPhone application.

Trey Ratcliff

Ratcliff’s mastery is in HDR photography. However, judging by the fame of his social destinations—which have made Trey the #1 picture taker. It’s quite evident that he’s a specialist at online marketing.

Trey Ratcliff is prevalent for a wide number of reasons, the greatest of which being his remarkable style of photography enlivened through his many posts. He also posts a considerable amount of extraordinary recordings, instructional exercises and much more.

Profile #13: Oreo

It does an awesome job with regards to making unique encounters for their fans. Oreo realizes that their treats have been a piece of many individuals’ lives since youth and they utilize this point to take advantage of the wistfulness with their fans. What’s more, it’s been working for them since they have more than 8 million fans to date!


One of their most recent campaigns is their “Back to School Memories”. Here they request that their fans share their recollections and photographs on the Facebook page. By offering a unique user experience, Oreo has finished with their back to the class campaign. Brands make an association with their fans, who end up being faithful customers and continue returning for more.

Profile #14: The Twilight Saga

In the event that you have seen the motion pictures or not, you can’t deny that the Twilight Saga is hot. There are two techniques they’ve propelled on their Facebook page that you can use for your own page.

The Twilight Saga

To begin with, they have made a “Tweet Sweeps.” They urge fans to tweet about the films for an opportunity to win motion picture tickets. The best system with this sort of challenge is to advise fans, particularly what to tweet. So there is no complexity and everything is fast moving.

What’s more, the Twilight Saga page has utilized the “Talk” tab where fans can post their views and everyone can participate.

Profile #15: Red Bull

The group behind the Red Bull page is tuned into their intended interest group. This is confirmed in their custom applications and the page’s one of a kind experience.


Red Bull realizes how their people will react and how to best convey it. For instance, they’ve made a succession of web-based fun for their fans. This is suitably called the “Delaying Station.” The diversions are intended for games and other activities.

Red Bull has also produced a TV program that is highlighted on their Facebook page. There are various portions, many spotlighting the lives of their sponsored competitors. Online TV demonstrates an awesome approach to VIP competitors.

It is also an approach to putting video into the page, consequently giving the audience another approach to communicating.

Bottom Line

What is your opinion about these social media ideas? Have you ever tried any of these social media marketing strategies? Let us know about your favorite social media profiles in the comment section.

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