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What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress solution is not trivial, and it also depends on the type, size, and popularity of your project.

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Our technical team recommends three types of solutions for WordPress development clients.

Small Website

Our small website clients are hosted on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan. This plan incorporates the best of the Managed WordPress world and a regular hosting for our clients. It includes specific optimization techniques when it comes to the website speed, improving the user experience and provides a high level of security protection for the users. Additionally, all standard features as email control, DNS and addon domain management, and FTP control are available by default.

Medium Website

Our medium websites are hosted on Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services. Our system administrator works closely with our developers to build a custom server solution with nginx and php-fpm, highly optimized and secure for the website management. We use a custom monitoring services, taking a closer look at all resources and preventing unexpected traffic peaks whenever possible.

Large Website

Our large websites are deployed on SiteGround’s dedicated servers or Amazon Web Services. We spend a lot of time in server and infrastructure planning, setup, configuration and management, together with incorporating the best code practices when it comes to security and stability. Our commits go through peer code reviews and we benchmark on our staging servers. We could scale the platforms by adding load balancers, mirror servers and make sure that the projects are up and running and the data is accessible at all times.