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Master Your SEO Conversion in Simple Steps

seo conversion

Search Engine Optimization is a staple when it comes to digital campaigns. Through SEO, you can accurately provide what your customers need as they search the web. The options online are endless. People can find anything from the most practical DIY home renovation projects to the top ethical business solutions. As a marketer or business owner, make sure that you master your SEO Conversion.

SEO Will Help Your Business Grow

Let us start this quest with your goal. Keep growth in mind when it comes to identifying what you want to achieve. Focus on it as your goal in business. Whether you are a startup company or in the industry for a decade now, growth should be the primary focus.

Focus on Growth as Your Goal

The goal of conversion optimization is to increase revenue and boost the growth of your company simultaneously. Improving conversions by 10 percent matters only when your final income also grows by five percent or more. As stated you need to focus on growth. Specifically, startups should leverage their resources towards growth hacking.

To achieve success, always be guided by SMART goals. Here are five samples of SEO and digital marketing goals you can set.

  1. Measure and increase conversion rates.
  2. Lower bounce rates.
  3. Increase organic traffic to the website.
  4. Strengthen brand image.
  5. Achieve higher income and faster Return on Investment or ROI.

Essential Tips for SEO Conversion

1. Use Your Data Wisely

Google Analytics can help you identify your target market properly. You will be able to understand what your customers need and know just how to address them.

Your website, social media channels, and blogs are brimming with data that you should not ignore. Study and analyze it as it can give you the following information:

  • The behavior of your audience on your website.
  • Items or links commonly used by the users.
  • Website features that are not used.
  • The best performing social media channels.
  • The impact of pictures, videos, articles, and other elements.
  • Time of the day when there is more traffic to your website.
  • The features on your website that need improvement.

2. Conduct AB Tests

After the collection and careful analysis of your data about customers, never assume, but rather test your hypotheses. One of the critical elements in SEO conversion is testing. A marketer or business owner should run A/B tests to know what works and what doesn’t, what needs troubleshooting and what to avoid altogether.

A/B testing means running a test between two version of a website to check which one performs better. Consequently, the version that wins is the one which gives a high rate of conversion. Check out various A/B testing tools on the web to run your comparison.

3. Highlight the Features of Your Product or Service

Your customers see many advertisements every day. Various products and service promos are right in front them. Alternative brands and even substitute products are waiting for a buyer’s attention. Do not let your product or service drown among all of these things.

Once customers visit your website, make sure that they see the focal points of your product(s) and service features. Show them the promotions. Make your competitive pricing visible.

4. Excite Your Visitors When They See Your Landing Page

web design

Emotional language or favorite stories can excite your customers. One of the important SEO conversion tips, which you should not ignore, is to get your visitors excited about something.

Upon arriving at a website, customers only have a few seconds to view your site. If nothing seems attractive to them in that span of time, they will automatically leave and go on to another website.

Forbes talks about a few things that may excite your customers, here are some of them:

  • Simplicity, get straight to the point.
  • Show premium quality products or services.
  • Offer the exclusivity of a feature.
  • Create something fun.
  • Always be authentic.

5. Do Not Ask Everything

Limit the information you request from customers. Do not exhaust your website visitors by asking a lot of questions, if you do they will automatically leave your site. Ask only a few necessary items. Moreover, make some of the fields optional wherein visitors can just skip it if they feel that you are crossing the privacy line.

6. Create a Guarantee for All Purchases

Give your customers peace of mind by telling them that you will give them a refund should something go wrong with the product or service.

You can offer a 1-year service warranty, free-replacement within a specific period, or a no-questions-asked full refund. This offer is a useful SEO conversion trick because it reduces the risk on the part of the customer. Furthermore, they can just buy your product knowing that their money is safe.

7. Make Payment Easy

Your customers are about to purchase your product. They have already gone through your 3-step buying journey. However, when they reached the “Pay Now” stage, they stop and could not proceed because they do not know how to pay.

Make the buying process easy. One way to promote SEO conversion is by offering various payment options to customers. Below are some of the payment options you can explore:

8. Highlight Great Customer Reviews

Word-of-mouth is considered one of the most practical marketing strategies. Let your website sell your products through customer reviews.

Allow customers to leave comments and feedback about their experience with your website and the offers you provide. Your customers will appreciate this because it means you are eager to listen and want to know how they feel.

When your visitors see that others are satisfied, it will make their buying decisions easier. In addition to that, do not discourage negative reviews. These comments will help you improve. After all, nothing is perfect. Your company is not free from making mistakes.

9. Chat with Your Customers

Sometimes, your customers are too tired to go through your website. They need immediate answers to their urgent needs. To address this, offer a live chat feature so that you can provide real-time information to your site visitors. Chat tools are an excellent SEO conversion feature.

10. Provide Contact Details to Your Audience

Make correspondence easy by including contact details on your website. Providing these makes you seem more reliable, too.

Also, some of your customers might prefer to speak to a real person. In other words, they will look for an actual contact number on your website which they can call. Make sure your contact details are easy to find and clear.


With the information above, you should now be confident that you will be able to increase your conversion rates. With a few simple steps, you can master your SEO Conversion strategies. Although, you need to remember that doing so takes more than just giving your customers the right product or service.

To further convert your leads, you have to gather data and test your hypothesis and excite your customers when they first come to your site. In addition to that, enhance the user experience by providing real-time information, make the website easy to navigate or give them various payment options. It’s pretty simple, right? Always think like you are the customer and then it will be easy to do implement these ideas.

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