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SEO Tools Overview: Influencers Speaking

SEO tools overview

We’ve come across this interesting question in Quora:

What is the best online service to track SEO rankings for a website?

I want to regularly track my startup’s SEO results across multiple keywords and search engines. I would prefer to use an online service instead of a program. Regularly emailed reports and suggested keywords or tactics would be helpful.

While there are a lot of articles about SEO tools, we are lucky enough to have the essential features explained by some of the amazing people behind each tool. Who else can explain these feature so well as one of their very own?

Without further ado, let’s dive in on what’s the best service they can offer.

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Unamo homepage

Writer: Adam Coombs, Content Marketer at Unamo

I think our tool Unamo SEO (no longer active) has what you’re looking for. It offers a dynamic suite of SEO functionalities including:

  • Daily Keyword Rankings for Mobile and Desktop
  • Competitor Tracking and Rankings
  • A Complete Backlink profile
  • On-page Optimization Audit
  • Simple and Advanced keyword, backlinks, or traffic reports that can be sent to anyone at any time, automatically.
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Search Volume
  • Trends

Keyword Tracking for Mobile and Desktop

An average of daily keyword rankings appears in the dashboard that allows you to toggle between mobile and desktop rankings. It also integrates your Google Analytics profile so you have all the different traffic sources available for comparison to your organic keyword results.

Average Search ranking Unamo

Competitor Analysis

You can add in your own competitors or simply enable the auto-tracking competitors feature to establish what keyword overlap percentage a real competitor has. It also updates the list at specific intervals that you can determine yourself.

auto-tracking competitors feature

Once you have your competitors, you can enable them in the graph and see a side-by-side comparison for as many as you want You’ll also be able to see a singular comparison in blocks below the graph.

 singular comparison in blocks

Individual Keyword Rankings

Here, you can add or delete keywords and see their individual desktop/mobile rankings, SERP links, competition, search volume, and any groups you have put them in, to keep track of any keyword campaigns separately if need be.

keyword campaigns

By clicking on one of the keywords, you’ll get a graph of its desktop and/or mobile rankings over the dates you choose along with it’s comparison to competitor rankings over the same time.

Desktop and/or mobile rankings

On-page Optimization Audit

The application will tell you when there are any on-page issues, for as many singular web pages as you want, so you can be as search-engine friendly as possible.

On-page Optimization Audit


With a complete backlink profile, you’ll be able to monitor where you’re strongest links are coming from and the strength of your backlink profile in aggregate.

backlink profile

You can also find any lost or no-follow links, the domains and their corresponding countries in which the links are coming from, and see the anchor text associated with the link.

links data


Create simple, advanced, link, or traffic reports that you can send to anyone at any time. They can be automated to ensure that the people you need to be informed are done so at the rate you need.


With Unamo SEO, you’ll have all the SEO functionalities you need under one roof to streamline and monitor your strategies from a single platform. Plans start at 19$/mo up, they are suitable for any large business to bolster their SEO capabilities.

Free trials are also available. homepage

Writer: Vijay Khandekar, Learning @ Helping 4200+ Businesses power SEO

There are several tools available for Keyword Rank Tracking / SEO Rankings. 

You can check SERPed for your keyword rank tracking requirements. SERPed offers 5 different rank tracker tools.

Here is a quick screenshot of all 5 rank tracking tools along with all the other SEO tools SERPed offer: tools

Talking about “Rank Tracking” Tools suite:

1) Global Tracking – It is vital that you track your rankings in the countries you want to rank.

This tool allows you to track the rankings of your sites in specific countries in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Therefore, if you are targeting one country, select that one country. If you are targeting broad terms and multiple countries, you can select up to 5.

Here is the overview for ‘Global Tracker’

Global Tracker

It also provides you with an overview of your rankings, graphs so you can track your progress as well as notes, so you can see when the latest algorithm changes happened and if they affect your rankings.

Here are all the data and metrics ‘Global Tracker’ shows:

data and metrics ‘Global Tracker’

2) Local Tracking – For Local SEO; tracking your rankings is important, but tracking them where it matters is even more useful. This tool allows you to track the rankings of your site in specific cities on Google.

Quick Overview of the City Tracker results:

City Tracker results

3) Instant CheckThis tool allows you to instantly check your rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. You have the choice between having the results delivered within minutes or within a few hours, if you aren’t in a rush.

This tool is useful if you want to check your own rankings or the rankings of your clients or competitors. Here is an overview of all the data and metrics you get with ‘Instant Check”:

Instant Check

4) YouTube Tracker – This tool allows you to track the rankings of your YouTube videos with ease.

Nothing prevents you from tracking the rankings of your competitors too, so you know where they’re at and what can be done to outrank them. We made it super easy for you to have an overview of your YouTube rankings.

YouTube Tracker

You will be able to see useful statistics such as:

  • Views
  • Likes and more
  • Also graphs, where you can track progress over time.

track progress over time

5) Amazon Tracker This tool allows you to track the rankings of your Amazon products.

Amazon Tracker

As I wrap up, You get one of the most comprehensive Rank Tracker tool suites with SERPed.

With just one SERPed account, You get access to 40+ advanced SEO tools that help you dominate the search engines ranking.

SERPSTAT Keyword Research Tool for SEO/PPC

Writer: Ivan Filimonov, CBDO of Keyword Research Tool for SEO/PPC and Competitor Analysis.

Serpstat is the premium all-in-one SEO platform with the lowest prices on the market. It has five powerful modules: Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, SEO-audit, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.

Rank Tracker

Unlike other rank tracking services on the market, Serpstat keeps track of all the top 100 search results for a keyword, and not only the rank of one domain for the tracked keyword. Serpstat users benefit from this unique feature by gaining insight into the exact positions of all the top 100 domains for a keyword without the need to create separate projects for monitoring competitors’ ranks:

Rank Tracker

It also stores the top 100 search results for every keyword. If someone has previously tracked the keyword in question, in a particular region or city, you’ll get the ranking history for that keyword as a bonus:

ranking history for the keyword

Grouping keywords by tags will allow you to effectively monitor competitors in different categories (for example, if you run an e-commerce site offering various types of electronic goods, your competitors will be different for the laptop and the video camera categories):

Grouping keywords by tags

Keyword grouping allows one to find out the market share of every domain from the top 100 search results for the tracked keywords and keyword groups. Which means that you get a tool that allows you not only to track improvements in SEO rankings but most importantly to see any rises or falls in a domain’s visibility:

domain’s visibility

Serpstat shows the market share fluctuations which means that you can effectively monitor any changes in the market share of keywords. You can monitor competition and research the market niche at the same time:

Monitor competition

Track your state, city or even postcode (area) to keep track of your most direct competitors from all over the world:

track of your most direct competitors

Cyfe homepage

Writer: Deven Patel, Founder of

Take a look at  It’s an all-in-one dashboard app that helps you monitor all your business data in one place. It includes a ton of out of the box integrations from third party services like SEOmoz, Google Analytics,  Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, WordPress, and more.

There’s also an included SERPs widget which allows you to monitor daily keyword ranking information alongside all your other marketing metrics (e.g.  SEO, SEM, social, email, analytics).

Here’s a snapshot of some of the widgets in action:

snapshot of some of the widgets in action

It can also pull in data from your website or company’s internal databases.


AuthorityLabs homepage

Writer: Scott Krager, founder & competitive webmaster for 7+ years.

If you want just straight-up rankings reports, is your answer. Any time you try to track more than a dozen or so keywords from your local machine, you are going to run into issues, so it’s worth paying for a service.

We are using AuthorityLabs to power the rankings aspect of (as are Raven and other SEO tools).

Bottom Line

Finding the best SEO tool for your website may be a perplexing problem. We hope that after reading this article, and learning about the best features of each tool, you will be able to ascertain the perfect one for your website.

What do you think about these SEO tools? Have you tried any of them yet? Share your insights in the comment section.