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What do I Need to Provide To My Web Agency?

Depending on the type of project, there are various things that you could provide to your web development agency. After you have identified the right partner to collaborate with on your new WordPress website, you could provide the following:

  • the access to the existing hosting or server, if any
  • all creative media related to the project – logo, banners, creative outlines
  • all of the content needed for the website delivery – this could be avoided if you plan to enter all of the data yourself

The content is essential to your project success for various reasons.

First off, a large number of the web projects are delayed due to communication issues and last minute updates related to content or change requests also known as “scope creep”. Having the content handy before the project has started reduces the communication and delays on your part.

Second, the overall website design, usability and landing page provisioning depends on the type of content that you would like to feature. If your content has been prepared properly, then the design could reflect that and outline the major call to action steps for your potential customers. Otherwise, a copywriter or a marketing professional can jump in and reword your content accordingly, by making it more accessible for readers without losing the factology.