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6 Ways to Scale a Business Through Influencer Marketing

6 Ways to Scale a Business Through Influencer Marketing

Have you ever looked at a product and thought about why it was so popular with consumers? Perhaps it was something that people find useful for their everyday lives, or maybe because it was being endorsed by a celebrity or someone popular. The latter is known as “influencer marketing”, which we will be talking about in this article.

Simply said, influencer marketing is a marketing strategy where businesses and brands partner with celebrities, bloggers, and other popular social media personalities. This is done by reaching out to a bigger audience and encouraging them to buy products through influencers who endorse said products.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider using influencer marketing for your brand:

  • It helps companies reach a bigger audience.
  • Increases website traffic.
  • Improves customers’ trust in your brand.
  • Helps to get more leads.
  • It helps drive sales and generates a better ROI.
  • Grows your social media following.

Reasons Why You Should ConsiderUsing Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

1. Find the Right Influencers to Represent Your Brand

The first thing that you should do is find influencers who will properly represent your brand. Their overall theme should be relevant to yours as you’d want their audience to be interested in what they are promoting. Additionally, you should also decide on whether you’d want to work with micro-influencers or the ones with massive followings.

First, you have to set your marketing campaign’s main objectives as this will help you find the right influencer to work with. The objectives have to be measurable, achievable, time-bound, relevant and defined. Second, be specific with the influencer that you are eyeing for. Define the age range, gender, branding, fan base, how many followers they have, and location.

Ways to Reach Out to an Influencer

Once you’re done determining these factors, it’s time to search for the right person to represent your brand. There are several ways you can find an influencer:

  • Through manual search. Choose the platform or channel that you want to promote your products. According to Statista, Instagram leads with 89% when it comes to the most popular channel to use for influencer marketing. YouTube comes in second place with 70%, Facebook third with 45%, Blogs are fourth place with 44%, and Twitter is fifth with 33%.
  • Take a look at your competitors. Visit your competitors’ pages and see which influencers they are partnering with. You shouldn’t partner with the same people that they are working with – however, you can, instead, look for influencers that are in the same niche and contact those instead.
  • Try using a tool. You can also use tools to find relevant influencers to represent your brand. According to Social Media Today, some of the best ones to use include Awario, Klear, Traackr, Upfluence, and BuzzSumo.

2. Ask the Influencer to Promote Your Story

This is especially important for brands who are just starting and are trying to scale a business through influencer marketing. Ask the person that you are partnering with to help you promote your brand. This way, you can gain people’s trust, which will then help you improve your customer acquisition efforts.

Ways to Be Authentic When Promoting Your Brand's Story

Telling your story is a great way to communicate with your audience and build a strong connection with them. Influencers can help you tell your story in a way that is more authentic and convincing.

Sit down with your chosen influencer and discuss your brand and your company. Ask them whether they can promote it and which method they think will work best for their channel. . Once you’re done brainstorming, you can start working on the material with the influencer.

3. Organize Giveaways and Contests

One of the best ways to gain new social media followers and website visitors is by creating giveaways and contests. This strategy will also help people recognize your brand, which will then help scale your business and grow your customer acquisition.

You have to make sure that the rules and instructions are clear before asking the influencer to post the giveaway and/or contest on their page. It is also vital to offer something that your customers will find valuable and useful, or else the chance of them joining the contest is slim.

You could also ask the influencer, who you will be working with, to draft the rules regarding the giveaway and send it to you for approval. Additionally, you could brainstorm with them so they can get a sense of what you want to happen for the giveaway.


4. Work on a Budget and Define Your Strategy

Setting a specific budget will help you find the right influencer to work with. It has to be beneficial for both you and your partner influencer.

Here are a couple of ways you can set up the payment:

  • Cost per click. Cost per click means you will be paying the influencer based on the number of clicks that they direct to the landing page.
  • Offering free products and/or services. Other influencers accept free products and/or services in exchange for promoting your brand. You can offer them this instead of monetary compensation.
  • Cost per engagement. Similar to cost per click, this allows you to pay the influencer based on the number of engagements that they direct to your landing page or profile.
  • Pay per post. Some influencers prefer to be paid per post – especially the ones with massive followings.
  • Cost per acquisition. Also called “cost per action”, this is quite similar to cost per click and cost per engagement. This only means that you’d have to pay the influencer based on the number of actions that they guide to your page.

When it comes to planning a management strategy, you should include important factors such as executing, planning, and reviewing your partnership. Influencers usually work with several companies at once, and they can get confused or even fail to follow up on their commitments at times. Make sure to create a calendar wherein you both can decide when and what to post.

5. Ask Influencers for Help with the Content

The influencer/s are there to help you decide what type of content to put out. They know what’s trending and what works in the industry, which is why you should sit down with them and discuss what to work on. They know how to create engaging and unique content that will help scale your brand, so make the most out of their experience.

You’d want to avoid influencers who sound robotic, Their content should be relatable and come off as warm and genuine so people will be interested in it. Most influencers create short clips of the products and services that they promote, which usually shows them using the products to encourage their followers to do the same. They don’t blatantly tell their audience to buy the product – instead, they use it themselves, which is one of the biggest powers that influencers hold.

Here are some of the most common types of content that influencers put out:

  • Videos. Video marketing has been around for a long time, and there is no sign of it going away. Most influencers use this type of content, especially the ones who use YouTube and Instagram as their chosen social media channel.
  • Instagram posts and stories. A lot of influencers are using Instagram as their main platform for influencer marketing. They usually post an image on their feed or story using the brand’s products, and they usually tag the company that they are working with. They also usually include the link to the website or landing page of the company, which increases customer acquisition.
  • Blog posts. Bloggers usually use this type of platform, wherein they post an article promoting the brand that they are partnered with links to the landing page and website.

6. Create Hashtags and Let Them Be Your Digital Advocates

How to Create a Hashtag for Influencer Marketing

The influencer that you will be working with will be the face of your brand, which is why it is important to choose someone you’d want to work with wisely. Additionally, you can also partner up with influencers who are already loyal fans of your brand and ask them to promote your brand through their pages. This way, you can create a community that not only will help you promote your brand, but will also help you spread brand awareness.

You can also create specific hashtags that your partnered influencer/s will use every time they post or talk about your brand. You and the influencer/s can encourage other users and consumers to use the hashtags so people can easily search for them when looking for your brand.


Influencer marketing is forever changing and evolves continuously as time goes by. As a business owner and marketer, you have to learn how to adapt to these changes and apply them to your brand.

Always remember that setting up an effective campaign and choosing the right influencer to work with is the key to successful influencer marketing. So, take a moment to see what works for you and implement it right away so that your brand can shine as brightly as possible!

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