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Four Innovative Ways to Create Marketing Personas in 2020

Four Innovative Ways to Create Marketing Personas in 2020

Marketing personas are said to be the foundation of any type of business. Without it, businesses would not know which target market they’d want to sell their products and services to. In online marketing, personas define how to direct ads, what type of content to produce, and how to drive the target audience to websites and social media pages.

Marketing tactics are evolving. With the interactivity of the Internet, the instant customer connection, and the vast amount of data about users, companies are becoming more and more analytical when it comes to creating marketing personas. This should be one of the main reasons why you should take another look at your marketing personas and make them better.

What Is a Marketing Persona?

First things first – let us discuss what a marketing persona is. To define it clearly, a marketing persona refers to the ideal customers that you would want to target for your business. This is a group of people that have the same interests, shopping habits, demographics, similar social roles. Normally, these people also live or work in a specific location.

Marketing personas are usually designed early on in every business. They are determined and applied before the business is launched to keep the targeting clear for marketing purposes. It is vital to define your marketing persona early on because, without them, you will not be able to create feasible marketing strategies.

What Is a Marketing Persona?

2020 has been quite a difficult year for most entrepreneurs. With COVID-19 affecting most countries’ economies, entrepreneurs have to step up their game when it comes to creating marketing strategies. You may want to work on creating or revamping your marketing personas this year to discover new target markets and marketing opportunities. Relevant personas improve your overall business performance, increase your social media followers. And most of all, your sales report will also become much better.

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Different Types of Marketing Personas

There are hundreds of different types of marketing personas, as each one is created to perfectly fit each business and the company’s needs. Because of this, marketing personas can vary greatly – from B2B to B2C, industry vertical to vertical, and even from country to country.

Marketing personas are usually defined by a lot of different variables. It depends on how each business tracks and stores their data for every customer that they have or are trying to target.

How to Create Your Own Unique Marketing Persona

Now that we have stated what a marketing persona is, it is time to discuss how you can create a unique marketing persona for your own business and company. Our focus will be on innovative strategies that were not possible or very easy some years ago.

Interview Previous and Existing Customers

If you have been in the business for a while and you want to revamp or improve your marketing strategies and persona, then try interviewing your past and existing customers about your products and services.

  • The traditional way is to hand out feedback forms to know what your customers like and dislike about your business, as well as your products and services.
  • But you can also ask your marketing team to create live polls on your website since almost everything is done online today.
  • Additionally, you should also interview your own sales team. They know your customers, as they speak with these people a couple of hours per day. They have a great sense of what your customers need and want, what their shopping behaviors are, and where these people are located. They most likely have an idea of what the trends are when it comes to your customers’ interests.

Interviews are great since they are inexpensive yet a great source of qualitative data. Work closely with your marketing team so you can come up with valid and helpful questions that will give you some unique insights on your customer preferences.
How to Create Your Own Unique Marketing Persona

Understand Your Sales Data

Your sales team should have a record of all of your customers’ data. Take a look at the data of the people who have already bought from you, or the ones that you provided service to before. You have to understand why they chose your company and what made them decide to buy from you. Consider looking for the following pointers:

  1. What are their job roles? Do most of them belong in the same industry? Not all of them might be working in the same industry, but at least a huge percentage of your customers belong to a specific job role.
  2. Which time and day of the week do your customers tend to shop? Take a look at your sales data and see which day and time your customers usually go shopping. Once you have figured this out, you can then schedule your ads based on these specific times and days.
  3. Where are most of your customers from? It is important to determine where your customers are from so you can direct your ads in that specific location. Which city or country are they from?
  4. Which gender and age group are most of your customers from? Again, knowing this is vital so you can properly direct your ads to the right target market.
  5. Are your customers buying single or multiple items? Knowing this will help you personalize your message when it comes to cross-selling opportunities.

Use technologies that provide data about customer behavior and habits. There is a large variety of tools, starting from Google analytics and CRM software that can give you pretty detailed information about your actual personas.

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Tackle your Customers’ Goals and Pain Points

You cannot define your marketing persona without knowing what your customers are trying to achieve by buying your products. You have to know what their goals and pain points are so you’d know exactly how to help them through your products and services.

One way to achieve this is by engaging in social media sentiment analysis. You have to know what your customers are saying online so you can further define your marketing persona. Also, add feedback forms to your site and automated evaluation system for your services.

Set up search streams so you can monitor your brand’s mentions and what your customers are saying about you on the internet. This way, you can learn about why they love your products and services, as well as which parts of your business your customers are not that into.

Additionally, you can also ask your sales team about the most common questions that they get from customers. This way, you will be able to know which groups usually face challenges when it comes to your products and services.

You should also know what motivates your customers to buy your products and what their end game is. This way, you can easily understand what your customers want and need from your brand, giving you enough knowledge to tweak your marketing persona in 2020.

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Know Exactly How You Can Help

Now that you perfectly understand what your customers’ pain points and goals are, it is time to determine how you can help them with your products and services. Knowing how you can help is a major stepping stone to determining your business’ marketing persona.

Remember: you are collecting this information so you can tweak your marketing persona and make it better for your existing and future customers. You have to see everything from a buyer’s point of view so you can understand what your customers need and want from your business.

Consider asking these questions and ask your sales team to provide some answers:

  • Where do you think our customers are when it comes to their buying journey? Are they ready to buy or are they just looking for options right now? Are they looking for reviews?
  • What are the barriers when it comes to buying our products? Why are they not going through with their purchase? How can we help them overcome it?
  • Can you give ways on how we can help our customers decide when it comes to buying our products and taking advantage of our services?

You can get a lot of help from your sales team, as they are the ones who talk to the customers often.

Additionally, you can also create online surveys and place them on your website and social media pages so your customers can fill them out.

By knowing how to help, not only will you be able to improve your customer service, but you will also be able to define your marketing persona better.

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When it comes to creating a marketing persona, you have to be precise and clear with your details. You are trying to determine your customers’ hobbies, interests, and shopping habits so you know how to target your future customers.

Not all of your customers will match the characteristics of the persona that you have just created. This just represents one huge segment of your customer base, but you cannot expect every single one of your customers to belong to such a category. However, having a clear picture of which customers usually buy from you will give you a clear idea of who you should direct your marketing ads and strategies to in 2020.