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What You Need to Know About Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad

Think about your work life and routine compared to your parents or grandparents. Your grandparents may have worked as a laborer of some kind, for example, perhaps working in a factory, or they may have pursued a skilled profession. They may have even been a farmer, working their own land and producing then selling the fruits of their labors.

Let’s move onto your parents, next: The options for them, while wider than those of your grandparents, were probably still somewhat limited. Some may have also worked in a factory or other production line while still others moved into office spaces and professions such as business executive, lawyer, doctor, or more.

Now think about yourself and how you work, and take a minute to imagine what life might be like for your kids and grandkids. What’s changed everything so quickly in the last decade or so is, of course, technology. We can easily connect with a co-worker or a personal assistant halfway across the globe and work on projects simultaneously. What you do no longer may depend on where you do it.

That, of course, has given rise to a new kind of worker—a digital nomad. They may work from a never-ending road trip across the United States. Or they may work part of the time in an office setting with co-workers and part of the time in coffee shops or at home. The point is technology has enabled them to be anywhere and still be part of a work culture.

The reasons for the shift are obvious. Some companies don’t want or need that much office space; it can be expensive. And many employees want more control and flexibility over what their daily lives look like. So what does the future of being a digital nomad look like? This graphic explains it.

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A New Kind of Employee: The Digital Nomad

Via Salesforce

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