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WordPress Retainers 101: What are WordPress Retainers

WordPress Retainers 101

What Are WordPress Retainers?

WordPress retainers are the opposite of a fixed-fee project.

We have “coined” that term back in 2015 and are happy that is becoming popular across our colleagues and competitors, as our years of experience in the field has taught us that this is the right approach to all high-scale projects.

The main goal of DevriX is to optimize and enhance the business process. We grow as our clients grow. We solve digital business problems with technical knowledge and in-depth industry know-how.

Fixed-fee projects are based on assumptions. Even if you spend countless hours discussing hypothetical details and exchanging emails, you won’t be able to cover every part of the project, until it comes to life.

Web development is not industrial manufacturing, and it can’t be fit into a tight frame. For instance, if you are producing a chair, you know that each element needs X time to be produced, attached, polished, and tested.

As we in the WordPress community say, “Code is Poetry”.

We do not count lines of code; we are thinking and creating optimal, light, and fast solutions that are created for your project specifically.

No matter how detailed the specification, there are always unforeseen bottlenecks that emerge throughout the development or testing stage of the final product.

It may be an idea of a feature that hasn’t occurred during the initial R&D, a way to do things in a more simple manner, or something that might just not be as expected.

And it works on both ends – oftentimes development goes faster and smoother, plus the added benefit of not having the entire budget upfront.

To get things even more literal – WordPress retainers are a lot like a car lease, except that you have full ownership of your project, and you will pay less in the end.

At DevriX, our primary goal is to optimize the overall business process through different iterations – during and after the initial product launch. We are not merely building websites. We provide custom-tailored solutions to business needs that are continually growing and evolving as your business expands.

The industry standard for fixed fee projects is a 2-3 times multiplier due to scope creep, communication overhead, delays, QA back and forth that are unpredictable with a first time client. This is the reason why we are focusing on stable and simple partnerships with our clients, also known as retainers.

The retainer model allows DevriX to closely monitor your business, analyze and optimize your business processes, and deliver valuable solutions that repeatedly exceed the development costs.

DevriX WordPress Retainers

Obtaining a working website for your business is just the tip of the iceberg when you’re making your online presence profitable.

A common mistake is to build a simple business card somewhere on the web with no visibility or ongoing maintenance.

With the social media revolution and mass online accessibility, online marketing has become one of the top industries. The internet is a source of trillions of dollars in direct and indirect revenue annually. So, understanding how it works will only help your business grow.

Internet users are educated on services and products. Furthermore, they are demanding more information than ever before purchase. This is where DevriX steps in.

We are not only offering web development services but rather an expert team of specialists that can advise you through every step of building your online presence.

Our work, with many partners in different industries, gives us a unique perspective to execute projects with expertise, according to the latest trends, in every field of online business.

Why Should I Choose the DevriX Retainer Plan?

It’s simple. We are the best at what we do.

There are dozens of ways a project can be executed. Low-cost ones usually involve a cheap premium theme and several plugins, resembling the required features – with various compromises on quality, speed, security, and attention to detail.

High-end ones focus on more information, with thousands of lines of custom code, and weeks or even months spent on optimizing the platform for speed, security, or user experience.

And this is barely scratching the surface. So, what’s the difference between other agencies and Devrix?

We Are Professionals with Years of Experience and a Solid Background

You probably heard of the 10,000 hours rule of “Practice makes perfect”. Even though this is an oversimplification of becoming an expert, choosing DevriX as a partner means that you get more than 40 people, that have much more than 10,000 hours in their field, as a competitive advantage for your business.

We are a large team of developers, marketers, sales executives, QAs, designers, SEO specialists, content writers, and project managers.

Once you hire DevriX, all of those people will be responsible for the realization of your business idea. They will all work towards your success.

We Will Take Care of Everything on Your Behalf

We have designated project managers for every partner we work with. We keep track of all communication, documentation, processes, and deadlines internally. There is no need for the extra management overhead from your side.

You inquire. We provide.

Our Partners Are Everywhere

We work and have worked with a wide range of companies from the aviation industry to retail to media.

This gives us a unique business perspective.

Moreover, it guarantees we’re up-to-date with everything that is going on in the industry today. It also lets us provide solutions and suggestions based on the best global practices. Thus, we create and maintain an internal partnership network and cross-promote services and products accordingly.

We Are Good at Sales

No matter how you phrase it, business is all about making money, and your website is the presentation you give your potential clients. Having a sales and marketing team in-house at DevriX allows you to take advantage of our specialists and build a correctly optimized online conversion machine.

We Keep Tech Talk to a Minimum

At DevriX, we are business-oriented and work with a broad portfolio of non-tech savvy, successful businesses. We try to keep the tech jargon to a minimum and focus on solving business problems instead. We will transcribe your needs to our developers so that you don’t have to.

How Would My Project Be Executed?

Here are some of our primary work processes so that you can understand the outline of the main ideas.

We Will Start with a Discovery Session

We will arrange a meeting or a call with you, where our lead designer, head of development, and a marketing expert will be present. Together we will identify your primary business goals and create a strategy to follow. We will brainstorm together to create the best symbiosis between the latest technology and the best UX practices. Thus creating the best possible solution for you and your clients.

We Will Continue with the Design

The design is built iteratively. We will work closely with you until you are fully satisfied with the end product. After defining corporate branding, our designers will come up with 3 to 5 mockups with various color scheme variations that you can choose from. We are particularly proud of our UX innovations. Our design revolves around features that are the perfect equation between visual presentation and functionality.

Next Step: Functionality

We will provide an MVP (minimum viable product) to be used by testers, where we build the key features. We will present you with a significant variation of the initial product for you to use and test to identify what processes can be optimized. This saves the highest amount of time possible before the initial start.

Reviews and Iterations

The retainer plan means that the budget is not set in stone. This allows for the client to decide what is worth reiterating or building further and which features are ready to use. We will update you with progress weekly so that you can monitor everything closely and communicate with us immediately if you need something altered.

Server Setup and Scalability

The server configuration is scalable. We can start with a low-cost package and grow it as the traffic and user base increases. Website speed is mandatory for any internet site. This is an ongoing process of constant optimization and fine-tuning as your database grows. The retainer plan allows us to monitor your website performance daily and take action at any given moment.

Ongoing Maintenance and Feature Development

Building a great website is just the first of many processes of your online journey. Our team of experts will support you every step of the way to a successfully executed business presence strategy. We will conduct marketing research, track your overall performance, and suggest improvements that maximize your conversion rate.

Request a Quote Now

Still not sure if retainers are what your business needs? Check our business guide or request a quote through our form or contact one of our sales representatives to answer any questions you might have. As we are a distributed company, DevriX is available 24/7 to provide in-depth business consultation and analysis.

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