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What is the Process For Creating Unique Design For My Site?

We offer two different strategies for building a WordPress solution for your product or service and crafting a unique design for your business.

Fixed-Fee Design

Our standard plan follow several simple iterations.

1. Design Samples

We will ask you to provide us with several websites that you enjoy. Based on the provided examples we will discuss the best strategy that follows your vision and explains your mission to your customers.

Our team would need at least 5 website URLs serving as an example for our creative guys. We will identify the main components and decide on a color and font combination that corresponds to your business idea.

2. Business Niche Research

Our team will explore your competitors’ websites and other industry related resources. This would provide us with various ideas for key components, sections, call to action elements and various problems that your users have.

Based on our research we will combine the design samples with the niche research in order to build the main landing page and one internal page reusing the header, footer or other relevant sections for your website.

3. Initial Iteration

After the first two steps are completed, we will design the look and feel of your main landing page and internal page and send it to you for a review. We can schedule a call and explain the usability aspect of our landing page.

You can discuss that internally with your team and provide us with your feedback.

Major Landing Page Review

Based on your feedback, we can completely redesign the landing page, or simply introduce several general changes that strengthen your message across the page and improve the call to action sections accordingly.

Our standard plan includes one major iteration for design review and overhaul.

Minor Iterative Reviews

Once the landing page and the internal page are settled on, we will design the additional internal pages following the same structure.

Our standard design plans start from $2,000 for creative work. We can upgrade the standard approach and allow for sending three initial design proposals, or introduce several major reviews before stepping into the design process for internal pages.

Keep in mind that this is our minimum fee that only covers an initial iteration and major revamp for the creative elements provided as PSDs (Photoshop files). Our projects start at $10,000. Each design has to be converted to a static template (desktop, tablet and mobile version) and integrated within a WordPress theme in order to allow for flexibility and administration. Additionally, some of our more complex WordPress solutions often require over $20,000 for design alone when it comes to stylish boutique websites or large portals with numerous landing pages.

Ongoing Retainer

While we have a successful track record of delivering great designs and flexible WordPress platforms, some customers have specific needs or require numerous iterations until we agree on a creative concept that is suitable to the business model and is accepted by a client.

Since our fixed-fee proposals introduce constraints for the number of iterations or pages, one of our best models are our agile development plans.

Our ongoing WordPress development retainers are our preferred development model that focuses on one thing: your feedback.

Instead of placing various constraints and guesstimating the amount of iterations needed for each business, we will offer you a fixed number of hours per month focusing on your project. This way we could provide an unlimited number of iterations until you are fully satisfied instead of limiting you to a specific number or overcharging you when you are happy with the first draft.

Our ongoing retainers allow us to put as much time as you need on researching your competition, doing UX analysis, conducting beta tests with prospects, and iterating over different aspects of your look and feel. This is usually transferred to the development process as well. Since a specification usually differs from your end goal, an iterative retainer would let you review a version of your product every two weeks.

We can introduce new requirements on the fly, postpone specific features and polish only the areas that need more work based on your requirements. An agile process would let us build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is usable and covers only the main areas – something that you can introduce to a limited number of users for testing purposes.

Based on the feedback from you and your target group, we can continue the development process until you are ready to launch version one from your product.

This is an ongoing business development relationship where we are fully committed to your project and navigate the development efforts towards your directions and list of priorities. A specification often puts too much emphasis on a component or provides a limited toolkit for another feature, and building an ongoing relationship puts you in charge of your project. You can control your financial resources with time and propose features during the development process which leads to an incredible and usable product for you and your customers.

Check out our WordPress Retainer plans for more details.

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