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12 Tips that Can Put Over 10,000 People on You Email Subscriber List

Here is the email marketing 101: building your own email list is the key to success. But truth be told, this is an immensely difficult task, one that can take a lot of time. And we all know how much we want to achieve our goals overnight. Well, we are not sure about overnight success but you can at least build a list with over 10,000 people in a fairly short time if you follow our tips here:

1. Make a smart strategy

Nothing works well without a plan and in this scenario you more than need a plan, you need a smart strategy. This will clear up your goals for yourself and create priorities of tasks. It is fundamental if you have just begun to blog and want subscribers.

2. Get a WordPress blog if you haven’t already

It is high time to host your own blog and get all those fun plugins that allow you to achieve gathering data. If you want to build a clean and authentic list then you have to blog. DevriX creates immaculate WordPress sites and helps through all the stages. With their help, your blog will be getting a high volume of subscribers in no time.

3. Offer Something

This is the world of trade and if you have nothing to give then you have nothing to take. You have to offer your audience some value in exchange of subscribing. You have to present this value in a convincing way too so that the person buys it. For instance, vouchers or ebooks could work well and provide something useful on subscribing.

4. Promote Extensively

Experts suggest that if a user is prompted to enter email several times they end up entering their email addresses and subscribe. You cannot just put up a form on some corner and expect people to fill it up. You have to bring it forward and really sell it to the user. Only then will you have a chance of a successful subscription. But beware; you do not have to be annoying with it.

5. A/B Testing

You have to try split testing with your forms and landing pages to see what works best. Even a tiny positioning error or an unnecessary field could put off a valuable client and obviously you do not want that.

This is all the more easy now with so many online tools. Experts say that conversions can be improved significantly with A/B testing and here your conversion goal is getting email addresses.

6. Keep it Simple

Make sure that the user does not have to do much when entering information because if they get confused then they probably would not try again. Also, keep the fields as simple as possible with necessary scripting. Sometimes the hints get appended with the email address and are rejected by the server. For this very reason, it is so much better to have experts on your side like DevriX who have years of WordPress development experience.

7. Diversify Medium

As a blogger your main playground is text only but it never hurts to try out new media especially if it allows you to stretch your audience base. Videos, podcasts, images are all getting very popular and might strike a chord with someone who perhaps does not like to read all that much. You need traffic to convert subscriptions and in order to increase that you have to work on your content strategy.

8. Let the User Decide

There is nothing that repels more the online audiences then an in-your-face and pushy opt-in form. You should design your opt-in form in such a way that they have control in their hands. The person should have the option to, well, not subscribe and move on.  If you do give an option to end or close the pop up form then the user might leave the website all together which is the worst possible scenario.

9. Social Proof

This is a proven way to motivate people to sign for something and works great in getting maximum conversions. What proof you use is up to you and what you have to show. You got someone famous on board, you can mention that. You already got 1000 plus subscribers, perhaps you can indicate that.

10. Track

You need to analyze what is going on and how are users interacting with your websites or emails. This will show you what is wrong and what is deterring people from entering their email addresses. The analytical tools are really good and produce results that are comprehensive and accurate. DevriX can do all of this for you with their maintenance plans and get you maximum opt-ins through continuous improvement.

11. Create Quality Emails

When sending out opt-in forms in emails, be careful about spam filters as they are pretty smart now. You have to carefully craft emails that are genuine and originating from an authentic domain. For email opt-ins to be successful, you need the lowest bounce rate you can achieve. Check out this article to get some important tips about avoiding the dreaded spam filters.

12. Be Yourself if You Want to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

This should probably be the first tip because in all of this hustle to convert and achieve those magic numbers, we forget to be ourselves and what our brand is all about. The important thing to know here is people really appreciate genuineness and if you tell them who you are, they will be more likely to trust you.

This means that is fine to experiment a bit too when it comes to these email lists. It highly depends on you and the kind of subscribers you want. Simple is good but boring is not so try to think on those terms when you design the forms or emails.

Making your own email list is the absolute best thing you can do for your blog because as opposed to purchased lists these will be relevant, active and most likely to respond.

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