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6 Common Myths About Content Marketing You Need To Ignore

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There are a lot of lies about content marketing you hear every day and don’t they sound pleasing? Just like these lies, there is plenty of misleading information that the content marketing “experts” provide us with.  This kind of information can have an extremely negative effect on your content. If you are having problems marketing your content, you have probably become a victim to one these ideas. Let’s look at some of the famous lies about content marketing that you believe are true.


1. Your work should stay with you

Now, the experts of content marketing will tell you that if you have quality content, you should always post it on your own website. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you are probably wondering, how is that a lie? After all, this will make your content highly shareable, which eventually brings a lot of traffic to your website. This is probably the ultimate goal when marketing content online. This by no means a lie; however, it is certainly a half-truth. Let us tell you why.

As mentioned above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting your best work on your own website, if you have large audience. But the question is do you have a large audience? There is no denying the fact that most of the businesses do not have enough. So, when they follow this advice, they end up burying a genius. It means that when you do not have enough audience, your magnificent content is going to stay on your web and collect dust. However, if you decide to promote your content, this can help you earn a large number of audiences.

Particularly, businesses that are still young can have an extremely tough time trying to divert attention towards them.

Mike king posted his 12,000 word piece on instead of posting it on Despite the fact that mike has more than 17000 followers on twitter alone, he knows the how important it is to have a grip on someone else’s viewers. Moz’s audience is 16 times bigger in numbers as opposed to mike’s own.

If your business is in the stage of building awareness amongst people and trying to expand out of its circle, posting content, that you believe is the best, on famous online platforms is basically introducing yourself to audience from all over the world. It is not going to earn you links or a number of shares but there it is certainly going to provide you a lot of benefits.

When you post your content on influential forums, you are basically representing them, which automatically does your reputation a great deal of favor and you can then attract their audience towards yourself.

Another thing to notice about this statement is it leaves an impression that it is seldom that you come up with good ideas and when you give them off to other forums it hurts your own businesses reputation.  That is a little contradicting because, when you are willing to become one of the best content brands, you cannot rely on a few great ideas, you have got to come up with different ideas one after the other .

2. Everyone Can be a Content Writer

If you are in to content marketing, you must have heard a lot of online or SEO marketers tell you blogging is a must for your business to run. Or you must have come across those highly famous blogs “Why You Need to Be Blogging”. Most of these blog will give you these reasons:

  • What you think is a unique and only you can communicate that
  • Your audience is dying to hear about your thoughts, and if you are not going to let them know they will walk away.
  • Writing is the next big thing, and if you don’t know the art, you are good for nothing.
  • If you are not blogging enough, there won’t be anything to discuss on twitter.
  • Writing more often is essential for building your own brand.

We all know Coding has become one of the most vital skills, and everyone should learn it. However, if you are in the process of learning, you can’t just go out and build a website for someone. No, you haven’t mastered that art yet. Nobody wants to hire someone with limited knowledge to build their website.

For people who are serious about coding and learning the art, there are many useful resources available online. One such amazing course is Beginner’s Guide to C++. It is a great attempt to cover aspects of the language that let programmers with some experience of other languages get familiar with the basics of C++.

So here is what you need to know, writing or drawing is no rocket science, we can all do that. However, how something needs to be written or drawn is a totally different story. There are people with skills who can draw something that can easily become your business logo, while others will make you something that is going to be “special” too, but only for the walls of your kids’ bedroom.

It is extremely important to understand that bad writing can really hamper your business. It does not only destroy your name, it also makes people believe that you are incompetent.  To be very honest, it is nothing but a waste of time and energy. If you are not good at writing, you are probably not going to get new audiences; in fact, you might even lose the ones you have. This is why it is important to do things you are good at. Just imagine, a turtle trying to climb a tree, it is not going to work.

Now you must be thinking, how am I supposed to communicate then? What if I want to share an idea with my audience? What about my brand name? Well relax! Writing isn’t the only way to communicate with your audience; there are plenty of other ways.

If you are good at public speaking, you can do presentations for your audience, if you master the art of speaking, you can start your own podcast, and you can even do a series of videos if the camera loves you. However, if you still want to a written content, you can ask a professional writer to write an article that expresses your thoughts.

You can’t just expect to learn all the skills overnight, it takes time. It is important to learn the art and keep on improving every single day, however, do not do your learning in the professional space, you can’t take that risk; it is going to put your brand in jeopardy.

In case you are looking to give it a try, picture below can surely help you get started.


3. A Good Content Will Help Itself

One of the most common things you will hear when you are in the content writing business is, once you have created a quality content, you don’t have to worry about it getting the promotion, it will take care of itself. Particularly when it comes to inbound marketing. It is a common belief that a good content will bring those rich money-spending lawyers at your door steps on its own.  Usually, if the content created by a brand does not do that well without promotion, no matter how good it is, they are going to label it as “not good enough” and try to make an another one. No! Don’t do that!  Go and ask some of top inbound marketers, and they will never ask you to follow that rule.

No matter how good a content you create, promotion is mandatory.  And no promotion is not just throwing some tweets and posting on Facebook. You can’t just sit and wait for the magic to happen this way. Sorry but making your content viral needs a lot more effort. Now there are several ways of promoting your content, but just to give you an idea, you need to go out of your immediate circle and reach new audiences by collaborating with different channels, do guest blogging, put catchy titles etc. All of this is extremely vital for your content to do well online.

To Blog =

4. All You Need is a Couple of Good Posts

Ask any business and they will never accept the fact that they follow this rule, but believe or not most of them do.  Content Marketing is not an overnight affair, you can’t just expect to throw something brilliant at your audience and relax, expecting the business to do well on its own. No, that’s not how things work. When you are in the game, you have to keep coming up with the good stuff one after the other.

Mostly, people are a bit tentative when it comes to commitments, so they make up a plan in their heads where they can throw in a couple of good ideas and have a smooth ride ahead. Basically what it means is, if a business can get a huge feedback from one or two brilliant contents, it doesn’t need to do anything else. It will bring your site on top of the rating and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary from there.

If you are going to put all the eggs in one basket, you will end up with nothing. And the strategy mentioned above goes exactly the same way. If you are going to give the audience all the good things in one go, you are not going to have anything to offer them later on, and you will end up losing them.

So what exactly can you do to be on top? One thing every business needs to realize is content marketing is a game of patience. You can’t just become the best in the business overnight.  It takes a lot of handwork, consistency and time to earn loyal followers. So, if you want to be the best, produce quality content consistently and be patient.

5. It Has to be Long, It has to be Short

So, this is something that is becoming too common and honestly, it can be very confusing, especially for a fresh business. There is a long list of content marketers who are trying to figure out the perfect length for content. If you ask them, they will ask you to follow a certain length to bring in traffic. Some will suggest you to go for long content while other will ask tell you to keep it short.

Quite frankly, that is just ridiculous!

When it comes to content marketing, there no specific word length, it entirely depends on the type of article you are writing. What suits you might not necessarily suit the others. Every scenario is different. You can’t have the same approach for every piece.  When you have to write about something, go through the topic, do your research and pick out the necessary information that needs to be provided. Now, whatever information you have you need to provide that to your audience in a nice way. It doesn’t matter how much word count it takes, long or short, as long as they are getting the essential information that is all that matters. If you are not going to follow this rule, you will end up producing a content that either lacks essential information or contains too much unnecessary information.

The graphic below gives a general scale of content in terms of word count in different industries.

To Blog = (1)

6. Use All The Impressive Words In the Book

You will come across a lot of people who would claim to be content marketing experts, and one of the most common things they will tell you is the use of high vocab. These experts believe that the web is perhaps a place where you are supposed to compete for vocab. They truly believe that if you can use all the fancy words in the dictionary, nothing can stop you from getting ahead of your competitors.

Well, instead of taking you ahead, it is going to confuse your readers.

Just imagine if you face some sort of a problem and you go internet looking for answers. If you come across an article that uses high vocabulary which is extremely difficult for you to understand, what would you do? Stay there and try to understand or move on to the next one which explains things better with words easy enough to understand? It is no rocket science; nobody would spend money on something that goes over their head.

When you are on web, you are not here to impress people with your vocabulary. Seriously, no one cares!  You can save all those big words for your university examinations.  Instead, you are supposed to produce a content that connects with the reader, a sort of content that provides all the necessary information with attractive yet simple words. When your readers find it easy to understand your content, they are most likely going to explore your site more.

So, if you want to be amongst the best on the web, you need to keep yourself away from all the lies and unnecessary information available on the internet.


  1. Yavor says:

    I believe that if you strive to produce quality content, you should read a lot and do it often. It is much more important than promoting the content, deciding on how long it should be or using high vocabulary words. After all, why would you want to promote low quality content people wouldn’t want to read?

  2. mpeshev says:

    There’s a philosophical question that says: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound”?

    Great content is essential, but the lack of audience is devaluing it as an asset. The existence of a user base and various promotion channels makes it possible to reach out and educate different groups of people, get feedback and produce more quality content. A piece of copy may be low quality for a given set of people, but priceless to another group with different experience and background.

    So it’s a long story really, and quality certainly matters – but as the SEO community says: “Content is the king and distribution is the queen”.

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