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Top 31 WordPress Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2020

WordPress Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts are great for busy people who want to invest in their professional and personal development. In fact, the popularity of podcasts is constantly increasing and this is backed by interesting data: an amazing 61.2% of podcasts listeners spend more time listening to podcasts than watching TV.

The podcast business is also growing as the podcast ad revenue is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2022. In short, podcasts are definitely trending and they are worth paying attention to.

In this article, we are going to focus on podcasts that fill your WordPress knowledge gap. If you are part of the WordPress ecosystem and you’re struggling with staying informed about all the news related to the most popular CMS, you should think about listening to WordPress-related podcasts.

Where can you find the active WordPress podcasts? We’ve got your back covered. We’ve prepared a detailed listicle of podcasts where you can find topics related to WordPress. No matter if you are a developer, designer, blogger or a business owner, there is a podcast for you.

1. Developer Tea

Developer Tea

Developer Tea is one of the most popular WordPress podcasts with over 13 million downloads to date. The episodes are short so they can fit perfectly in a tea break as the podcast says. The podcast aims to help developers excel at their work and get better every single day.

For each episode, there is a daily challenge where listeners can subscribe to and dare to overcome it.

Topics: WordPress development
Who makes it: Jonathan Cutrell
Frequency: 3 episodes per week
Who is it for: WordPress Developers

2. Do the Woo

Do the Woo

This is a podcast about WooCommerce where the host Bob Dunn and his co-hosts, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland chat with selected guests from the WooCommerce community. The topics are related to the WooCommerce plugin implementation and guests share their experience of how they manage their online E-commerce business.

Topics: WordPress, eCommerce, WooCommerce
Frequency: Weekly
Who makes it: Bob Dunn, known as BobWP
Who is it for: Everyone interested in eCommerce and WooCommerce

3. Gutenberg Changelog

Gutenberg Changelog

Gutenberg Changelog is a podcast where listeners are informed about everything related to the WordPress editor Gutenberg. This is a great way to keep yourself informed about new features, WordPress community news, and design topics.

Topics: Everything related to Gutenberg
Who makes it: Birgit Pauli-Haack and Mark Uraine
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Who is it for: WordPress designers and developers, website owners, WordPress freelancers and bloggers

4. Distributed


Distributed is a podcast led by the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg. The podcast focuses on topics related to managing employees across the world, the benefits and challenges of distributed work and how to hire the right people for your remote company.

Topics: Managing distributed teams, WordPress teams
Who makes it: Matt Mullenweg
Frequency: 2-3 episodes per month
Who is it for: WordPress agencies, remote teams

5. How I Built It

How I Built It

How I built it is a podcast that helps small online businesses grow with WordPress. The host, Joe Casabona, interviews different WordPress agency owners about how they built their products and how they tackled different challenges.

Topics: How to build different things on WordPress – plugins, themes, products?
Who makes it: Joe Casabona
Frequency: New episode every Tuesday
Who is it for: WordPress agencies, developers, WordPress website builders and freelancers

6. Kitchen Sink WordPress

Kitchen Sink WordPress

The Kitchen Sink WordPress is a podcast about everything WordPress. There are different topics – from business to practical WordPress hacks – and information about plugins and themes. You can choose the episodes that relate most to you.

Topics: Everything related to WordPress, online business
Who makes it: Adam Silver
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: WordPress Developers, designers, freelancers, agencies

7. Think Like a Hacker

Think Like a Hacker

This podcast is focused on educating listeners about website security news, and the latest WordPress community trends. There are interviews with people from the community giving tips on WordPress information and security issues.

Topics: WordPress security, WordPress development, innovation
Who makes it: Mark Maunder
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Business owners, WordPress developers

8. Voices of the ElePHPant

Voices of the ElePHPant

Voices of the ElePHPant is a podcast for PHP developers. Its host is Cal Evans, known as the “Godfather” of PHP. As PHP is the open-source programming language that WordPress uses, anything related to it is useful to the WordPress developer. Podcast listeners can get useful insights from the PHP community and listen to discussions with Cal and different guests.

Topics: PHP code and community
Who makes it: Cal Evans
Frequency: Every two weeks
Who is it for: PHP & WordPress developers

9. Shop Talk Show

Shop Talk Show

Shop Talk Show is a wide-ranging podcast about building websites, programming languages, design and development. There are 400 episodes that cover topics not only WordPress related, but also everything about CSS, designs, JavaScript, user experience, SEO, etc.

Topics: CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, responsive design and user experience, freelancing, CMS, security, GitHub
Who makes it: Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Front-end developers, designers

10. is a podcast for web developers with a focus on front-end topics. Both hosts are JavaScript developers, so it’s a great source of knowledge and inspiration for fellow developers. There are different tips for enhancing coding skills.

Topics: JavaScript, front-end solutions, design
Who makes it: Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski
Frequency: 2-3 episodes per week
Who should listen to it: JavaScript Developers

11. is a podcast about everything related to WordPress – core, themes, plugins and community news. The hosts make webinars and discuss topics related to WordPress and building website experiences.

Topics: WordPress Core, themes, plugins, hosting
Who makes it: Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: WordPress developers and designers, agencies, marketers, freelancers

12. WPwatercooler


WPwatercooler is a podcast, started in 2012 by Jason Tucker. Every week the host invites different professionals to discuss topics related to WordPress and how the CMS changes the digital world.

There is also the Dev Branch which is a specialized podcast for developers and WPblab, dedicated to content creators, marketers, and businesses who use WordPress.

Topics: WordPress development, design, digital marketing, content marketing
Who makes it: Jason Tucker
Frequency: Weekly, every Friday
Who is it for: WordPres developers and designers, marketers

13. Your Website Engineer

Your website engineer

Your website engineer is a podcast devoted to helping people create high-quality WordPress websites. Every episode is about one main topic where the host shares his knowledge about web design using WordPress.

Topics: WordPress development, WordPress plugins and themes, design, digital marketing
Who makes it: Dustin Hartzler
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: WordPress developers and designers, website owners and editors, marketers

14. WordPress Plugins from A to Z

WordPress Plugins from A to Z

You can guess by its name – this is a podcast about the huge numbers of WordPress plugins available. Each episode is focused on a particular plugin or groups of plugins and their functions and the problems they solve. There are also interviews with different WordPress plugins developers.

Topics: WordPress plugins, plugins development
Who makes it: John Overall
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: WordPress developers and website owners

15. The WPMRR WordPress Podcast

WPMRR WordPress Podcast

As the title says, this WordPress podcast is focused on educating listeners and business owners on how to grow a successful WordPress business and increase the website revenue.

Topics: WordPress growth, web design, UX ana marketing
Who makes it: Joe Howard and Christie Chirinos
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Business owners, WordPress agencies, marketers

16. The PressNomics Podcast

PressNomics podcast

PressNomics is a private annual conference for successful and influential WordPress entrepreneurs. The podcast continues the conference mission with content like interviews with successful WordPress business owners and experts to address the challenges in managing business on WordPress and to inspire you with their examples.

Topics: WordPress business and entrepreneurship
Who makes it: Joshua Strebel and Sean Tierney
Frequency: 2-3 episodes per month
Who is it for: Business owners, agencies

17. LMScast


The host, Chris Badgett, is a self-taught WordPress expert and has been experimenting with different plugins and WordPress learning management. The podcast is about entrepreneurship, digital marketing and suggests valuable know-how on creating online training.

Topics: WordPress plugin development, business, marketing, online courses, sales
Who makes it: Chris Badgett
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, teachers

18. Matt Report

Matt Report

Matt Report is a podcast where the host, Matt, and his guests discuss different topics related to online business with WordPress. As Matt states, the goal of the podcast is to teach its listeners on how to build and grow an online business for free.

Topics: Online business, eCommerce, WordPress development, customer service
Who makes it: Matt Medeiros
Frequency: 2-3 episodes per month
Who is it for: Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, agencies

19. Pete Everitt

Pete Everitt

Pete Everitt is experienced in web development, marketing, and business consulting. You can become inspired by his podcasts on different WordPress and business topics and learn how to succeed in your field, using the CMS.

Topics: Business, WordPress development, online marketing
Who makes it: Pete Everitt
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Marketers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs

20. Post Status

Post Status

Post Status is a podcast featuring WordPress professionals, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts within the WordPress ecosystem. The hosts have different guests and discuss industry news, analysis and insights about WordPress.

Topics: Business, WordPress ecosystem, marketing, content
Who makes it: Brian Krogsgard and Cory Miller
Frequency: 1-2 episodes per month
Who is it for: Beginners and professional WordPress developers, freelancers, business owners

21. Smart Web Creators Podcast

Smart Web Creators

Smart Web Creators podcast’s mission is to provide knowledge to web creators. It covers different aspects of web development and WordPress and offers insight and useful information about content marketing, SEO and social media.

Topics: WordPress development, design, SEO, content marketing
Who makes it: Davinder Singh Kainth
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Developers, marketers, designers, SEO specialists

22. The Admin Bar Podcast

Admin Bar Podcast

This podcast features interviews with different people from the WordPress community. You can listen to business and website owners and their success stories, learn how they’ve overcome obstacles, scaled sites and accelerated their business.

Topics: Business growth, WordPress development
Who makes it: Kyle Van Deusen and Matt Sebert
Frequency: 2-3 episodes per month
Who is it for: Business owners and agencies

23. Agency trailblazer

Agency trailblazer

Agency trailblazer is a podcast helping design and web agencies. The focus is on how agencies can improve their performance, grow their business, achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. As the podcast says, the goal is to keep agencies inspired in what they do.

Topics: Design, web agency
Who makes it: Lee Jackson
Frequency: New episode every Wednesday
Who is it for: WordPress agencies, developers and designers

24. Women in WP

Women in WP

This is a podcast about women in the WordPress community who blog, design, develop and market, using the CMS. The hosts are women who have had different experiences with WordPress and running web development companies.

They share the female viewpoint on topics like creating websites, intranets, developer documentation sites, application prototypes, etc. They are also active in the WordPress community spaeking at WordCamps and more.

Topics: Design, blogging, development
Who makes it: Amy Masson, Angela Bowman, Tracy
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Who is it for: WordPress Bloggers, designers and developers

25. WP-Tonic


WP-tonic is a business podcast where hosts have discussions about WordPress on topics like security, leadership, managing WordPress company, communication with clients and more. One of the main topics is an online course development using learning management systems (LMS).

Topics: Business, online courses and LMS
Who makes it: Jonathan Denwood and Kim Shivler
Frequency: Twice a week
Who is it for: Agencies, bloggers, business owners, teachers

26. WPCoffeeTalk


The idea of the podcast is to inspire its listeners by sharing positive examples from the WordPress community. The guests have different WordPress backgrounds from PHP developers and web designers, to storytellers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Topics: Technology, design, entrepreneurship
Who makes it: Michelle Frechette
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Bloggers, designers, marketers

27. Hallway Chats

Hallway Chats

Hallway Chats is a podcast where the hosts interview professionals from the WordPress community. They invite WP developers, marketers, designers and content creators. Their focus is on new members of the WordPress community or people that are not that “famous” yet.

Topics: Blogging, business, design, development
Who makes it: Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Who is it for: Bloggers, designers, freelancers

28. The Get Options Podcast

Get Options Podcast

This is a podcast about business and topics related to WordPress and the community with more focus on personal development, tips, WordPress news and more. There are also interesting episodes about clients communication, remote working tips, and marketing hacks.

Topics: Business, WordPress in general
Who makes it: Kyle Maurer and Adam Silver
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: WordPress business owners, WordPress website builders, bloggers, freelancers

29. Startups for the Rest of Us

Startups for the Rest of Us

This is a podcast about start-ups educating its listeners on how to launch a successful business. The podcast covers new businesses in general, but has more than 100 episodes on WordPress start-ups.

You can listen to the stories of successful founders and learn from them. The podcast helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs on how to launch their software products.

Topics: Start-ups, software products, SaaS, WordPress
Who makes it: Rob Walling
Frequency: Weekly
Who is it for: Software developers, entrepreneurs, designers

30. WordPress Photography Podcast

As the title suggests, the WordPress photography podcast is about photographers creating content and working with the CMS. You can learn everything related to photography for WordPress websites, business photography, website optimization and more.

Topics: WordPress photography
Who makes it: Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Frequency: 1-2 episodes per month
Who is it for: Bloggers, photographers managing websites on WordPress or photo shooting for WordPress

31. Reverse Engineered


The podcast’s goal is to provide listeners with the insight, advice, and business experience needed to run and grow their business. Available every two weeks, Reverse Engineered’s lineup of subject matter experts always brings a fresh perspective on what running a business actually means and requires in the tech space.

Topics: Growing your business, business stories, entrepreneurial journeys
Who makes it: Kinsta, hosted by Jon Penland, COO at Kinsta
Frequency: Every two weeks
Who is it for: Business owners interested in growing themselves and their business by learning what challenges other entrepreneurs had to overcome to become successful

+ Bonus Podcast: WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms

Mario Peshev is a WordPress Core contributor and WordPress & Business advisor. His podcast “WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms” is designed to help business owners, marketing directors, and other decision makers who want to scale an existing WordPress solution, integrate WordPress within their technical suite or migrate a proprietary framework to WordPress.

Topics: WordPress development, WordPress security, innovation, business
Who makes it: Mario Peshev, DevriX CEO
Who is it for: WordPress business owners, marketing directors, entrepreneurs

Wrapping up

As you can see there are WordPress-related podcasts for everyone. If you are motivated to learn new things and improve your skills, but you don’t have the time for that, just pick a few podcasts from the list, grab your headphones and try learning something new on the go.

If you happened to know of or have discovered a new WordPress podcast don’t hesitate to share it in a comment.


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