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8 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Profitability

Email marketing is probably the oldest technique to spread the word about your business digitally but it doesn’t come without its share of roadblocks. With the advancement in social media marketing, email marketing has surely slipped through ranks but if done strategically nothing can beat it.

One of the biggest challenges any business is likely to face during its email marketing campaign is getting your emails opened by clients and customers. One of the ways to do that is by creating catchy, relevant and strong subjects to the emails. What is also important is the content of your email and how often you are sending it.

Email marketing is a technique which dates back to 20 years, the time when we used to love our modem sound and slow Internet connections. Email back then was like “wearables” of today. Back then it gained popularity for being the most cost effective and profitable marketing channels.

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Do you know that 80 percent of the profit generated comes from only 20 percent of the email marketers? Close to 80 percent of the email marketers don’t know what they are doing and often falls for the trap where they are not consistent with their content and as a result the overall campaign suffers.

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Here are some tips to increase your conversion rate through email marketing campaign…

8. This Mobile

Do you know that 90% of your email will be opened and read on cell phones? This is one big reason why email marketers should not ignore mobile. Here is a great infographic by dotmailer that tells us all about crating mobile responsive emails.

The anatomy of a responsive email Infographic_NEW


7. Write to One Person

Email is a personalized form of communication. During your email marketing campaign nothing can hurt your potential or existing customers more than an email that has been sent out to hundreds of other recipients. What every marketer should understand that email is considered highly personal and if it’s not it usually kills its purpose. Nobody likes to read an email, which they think is not meant for them or directed towards a general audience.

You are likely to send a single email to hundreds of people but you will achieve better results if the recipients are unaware of it and they could feel a touch of personalization through the email.


6. Write Consistently

It is one of the basics of email marketing, which most marketers tend to overlook. Consistency is what will make your campaign a hit amongst your customers. As a rule of thumb remember that you should email your customers at least twice a week – no matter what your business or product is. If you’re doing this less than the number mentioned above then you are at a risk of being forgotten by your customers. When that happens, all your previous efforts are nullified and you will have to start the procedure all over again.

Whatever you’re writing it should be able to meet your customers or subscribers expectation. For this it is important that you have researched your target market thoroughly. Your content should always be interesting and valuable to the readers.

Other than that it can be a very good idea to get your readers to a high-frequency, special list. People in this list will be sent more emails and will be favored against an ordinary subscriber. This favor can be in the form of special promotions, discounts, etc.


5. Subject Lines

The importance of subject lines to your email marketing campaign can be easily understood through a graphical representation below.
The subject line of your email should be able to spark an interest for the reader that whatever the information the email contains is relevant to him. It should contain the element of surprise and curiosity.

4. Length Matters

The length of your email matters but it is a subjective matter. What might be too long for one business maybe just the ideal length for another. The length of your email should be as long as your audience wants it to be. For example a solar panel manufacturer would want to include every single technical detail in the email while a social media marketing company would like to keep it short and highlight only the main points.

It has been observed that readers would respond and approach more directly to a shorter copy of email while those who are interested in longer copies would be more interested in the content and the value it brings with it.

So, the bottom line it depends upon your situation and the industry you operate in. As long as the copy is good your readers will appreciate it.


3. Add Stories

Adding compelling stories to your email copy is one of the most used and effective way to “sell more.” With stories, readers can relate to what you are trying to say and the engagement level increases. If you include a relevant, interesting story in your email, the chances of getting a reply back is 4 times more likely than from an email without a story.

Below is a perfect example,

Dear Friend,

My Aunt Jane is as rich as sin. And no one in our family can figure out why.

She worked as a librarian her whole life. Her husband, who passed away a few years back, was a tool and die maker. They never earned much money in their lives. But, boy, were they ever smart with what they had!

There was a little vacation home that they picked up for a song and wound up selling for $250,000. Some well-chosen stocks that soared in value over the years. Mutual funds. Municipal bonds. Treasury bills. Even a vintage Volkswagen “Beetle” that’s worth more now than the day they bought it.

Now my Aunt Jane — who we always thought was just a little crazy — is a bonafide millionaire!

One day I asked her for the secret of her financial success. “I have three rules,” she said:

The above example of the story is a perfect one for people who are interested in personal finance. It addresses the needs and wants and catches the reader in a state where he or she is like “heck, I want to read and find out how Aunt Jane became so rich!”

2. Keep it Simple

It is essentially important for marketers to understand that simplicity in their email is likely to have a big impact on readers. One prime example of complicating things in your email is by asking more than one question.
If readers have opened your email, you have done everything right by now – Don’t spoil it! Focus on a single response per email and learn to work on that.


1. Create Sequence

Last but not the least, breaking down your content into sequence pays off. People like to read what they have started. Just like stories they will always wait or read the next part if they have enjoyed the previous one.

Creating a series of emails on a particular subject is a great idea to convey a big message. When you are creating sequence just make sure that you include the details in your subject line. For example, “How to Lose Weight Over The Holidays – Part 3 of 5”