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Top 8 Technology Trends That will Dominate in 2018

Technology Trends

Changes in technology have impacted almost every part of our lives. There are innovations and advancements in all sectors such as education, health, marketing, etc. Technology evolves every minute of every day. Each year is filled with hundreds of innovative trends, and 2018 is no different. The technology trends that will dominate in 2018 include conversational systems, Intelligent apps, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Businesses must not lose the opportunity to use these technological advancements to their benefit.

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Let’s Find Out about Each Trend in Detail:

  1. Conversational Systems  

    Conversational systems are transforming business communications. There are chatbots built within messaging apps that allow businesses to communicate their messages instantaneously. This form of interaction between consumers and businesses will continue to ascend, providing an opportunity to use their customer service to its full capabilities.

  2. Digital Technology Platforms 

    These days, companies need to make their digital technology platforms to accelerate their growth. These platforms provide building blocks necessary for doing digital business. Every business uses a custom logo and some of these technology platforms for generating revenue and expanding their reach. These are platforms that help businesses in “advertising”. They are Google search engine or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and much more.

  3. MASA (Mesh App and Service Architecture) 

    Mesh app is a platform that gives you the right tools to empower your content and engage your audience. The mesh app includes everything from mobile devices, wearable, consumer and home electronic devices to automotive devices and environmental devices — such as sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Other Technology Trends Are:

  1. Adaptive Security Architecture

    This is an approach to secure the information on the net by “hackers” or cyber criminals. Having a firm such as Adaptive Security Architecture is a must for businesses these days to protect their organization’s information. As the name suggests, they are flexible security measures and are of much use for any business.

  2. Intelligent Things 

    The era of the Intelligent Things has already started and it will transform our lives completely. Intelligent things include robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles. With the systems becoming more automated and intelligent, there are chances that people might have robots as their bosses.

  3. AI and Advanced Machine Learning

    These are the two hot trends in technology this year. Machines carrying out tasks “smartly” is something that we have seen for years now. But as technology has progressed, so has AI. The machines are carrying out tasks in more human ways. And as AI has developed, we see advanced machines learning for better results. Businesses are ready to provide these machines access to data and act as humanly as possible.

  4. Intelligent Apps 

    Intelligent apps top the list of technology trends for 2017. We have almost bridged the gap between humans and machines. An app such as VPAs function as your assistant making day-to-day tasks easier. A company can use intelligent apps to grow engagement with their customers. These apps can prioritize mail and increase interactions. A great example of a platform using an intelligent app is Facebook. Now, Facebook automatically tags faces and curates its News Feed according to the preferences of the user.

  5. Blockchain 

    The blockchain technology is the new internet, something that allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. At present, it is being used in recording financial transactions. However, it can distribute anything that has value. The data is accessible to anyone on the net, and therefore, this mechanism makes everyone (who has access to data) accountable.


So, here it is! The top 8 technology trends of 2018. However, as we said earlier, technology is changing every second. So, be alert and up to date, find out if there are any new trends out there. Have a look at the following infographic to understand these 8 pointers better:

Technology Trends for 2017

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