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What Technology Do I Need For My Web Project?

When it comes to building a technical project, there are numerous languages, technologies and platforms that your development company can use in order to build the final product that you’ve asked for.

TIOBE is one of the most reputable sources in identifying the popularity and distribution of programming languages across the globe. This is the chart for August 2016, and you can see a list of platforms and languages here:

To sum things up, here’s the list of the most popular programming languages for August 2016:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Python
  6. PHP
  7. JavaScript
  8. Visual Basic .NET
  9. Perl
  10.  Assembly language

Our DevriX development team has prepared a breakdown of the most popular languages and frameworks depending on the type of development service that clients need. This is not a complete list due to the large variety of platforms and languages, but is based on our 12 years of practical experience in the IT industry with different multinational technical corporations and organizations:


The complete breakdown can be downloaded as PDF – Programming-Languages-and-Platforms Guide.

W3 Techs has also reported that PHP is currently used by 82% of the websites worldwide. In other words, 4 out of every 5 sites that you browse daily are likely powered by PHP – Facebook being one of the most famous examples.

php-usage-statistics-market-shareThe vast majority of web projects online are content-centric, i.e. providing information in some form as the main type of service that their visitors are interested in when browsing. Some examples being:

  • Blogs
  • News websites
  • Product catalogs
  • eCommerce businesses
  • Business/Brand websites
  • Forums
  • Social networks

Each business that relies on standardized content for their digital presence can leverage a CMS such as WordPress, which currently powers over 26% of the websites online. Content Management Systems are built around the concept of content, allowing you to publish news, pages, and extend the core platform to any other type of content as well. They do support users and different roles (such as administrators, editors, customers), and provide you with the opportunity to extend your platform, both in terms of design (with little to no constraints), and functionality (through custom plugins integrated within your core system).

DevriX specializes in WordPress development for successful businesses and has been actively contributing to the Core community through patches in the Core platform, free themes and plugins, organizing WordPress events around the world, translating WordPress and providing support for users.

Check out our Services and contact us when you’re ready to start your new online venture. We offer a complete range of services – technical development, creative design, marketing, business development and server management, which would put your business on the online map and let you focus on your unique selling propositions.

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