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Choosing the Best Business Name: Rules and Common Mistakes

Are you looking for a business name?

Naming a business can be difficult and stressful. You need to pick a name that will last and, if conceivable, will epitomize both the qualities and attributes of your company.

Normally people ask family members and friends to create a list of business names. However, it often comes with mixed results. On the other hand, a naming firm will make inquiries to learn more about your way of life and what is unique about you- – things you will want to impart to consumers.

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It is very common. Who would not have a desire to stand out? However, a few organizations are so worried about believability in their field, generally those in money related administrations or counseling, that they will give up a edgy or enticing business name.

Quick Tips to Choose Your Business Name

  • Pick a name that invokes lovely memories so clients react to your business on a passionate level.
  • Pick a business name that appeals to you and your potential customers who you are attempting to attract.
  • Try not to pick a name that is too long.
  • Never choose a business name that is confusing.
  • Avoid adorable jokes that only you understand!
  • Try not to use “Inc.” after the name of your business unless your organization is really consolidated.

Rules to Choosing Your Business Name

Rule 1: A name needs to have a positive connotation

When you choose a name for your business, you have to pick words that have the constructive essences that you need individuals to connect with your business – and ensure these implications are suitable for your business.

In the event that you are starting a transport business, you do not need it to have a bland sounding or forgettable name, for example, “Criss Cross Trucking” or “Cat Transport”. You need a business name that passes on quality and dependability. A choice, for example, “Stone Creek Transport” would be a vast improved. This type of name has a solid visual element.

Rule 2: A name needs to be easy-to-spell and memorable

Clearly, your potential clients and customers should have the capacity to recall your business name. In any case, they additionally should have the capacity to discover it without problems on the off chance that they are searching for it in a telephone directory, or on the web. So picking a business name, for example, “Psollyuncry” is a terrible idea. A unique name is great, yet troublesome spellings are is a bad idea.

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Rule 3: The name of your business should contain a visual component

What popped into your mind when you read “Psollyuncry”? Anything? The vast majority do not picture anything when they read this business name. However, for the most part, we are hard-wired to “see” pictures when we read or hear things, and adding a visual component into your business name can help it stay in the memory of your customers and clients. It is also a powerful tool for marketing or advertising.

A business name should have a solid visual component to it.

Rule 4: A name should come with information about your business

There are chances that your new business is not going to end up as a universal brand. So you should make sure that your new business name gives your potential clients or customers a bit of information about what you really do. That is the reason you see such a large number of hair styling business that incorporate words such as “salon” or “hair styles” in their names.

Adding data about what your business does in the name of your business also makes it simpler for potential clients and customers to find your business in telephone directories and registries.

Rule 5: Short is sweet. the business name needs to be fairly short

This is basic since you need clients and customers to have the capacity to remember the name of your business! But on the other hand it is imperative for promotional purposes. You need a business name, for instance, that will fits and shows well on a business card, look great on a sign or in an advertisement. The name may even serve as a domain name and appear often in searches in the event that you have an online business. So keep it fairly short!

What Are the Reasons Behind Bad Naming?

  • Absence of self-awareness: The organization did not understand that their name was a poor choice. They did not evaluate the possible feedback about their naming choice.
  • Absence of constancy: They did not have the drive to locate a decent name at a decent cost. They failed to fully navigate the process of business naming.


  • Absence of attention to detail: They did not consider that the organization’s naming procedure was important.

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