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When, What, and How to Update My Website?

Do you really need to update your website?

Your site should be a living breathing element. It should show the signs of change with your business objectives, client needs, innovation, and outline patterns. It is best to continue top of these things, instead of giving your site a chance to fall by the wayside.


Doing growth driven design can turn out to be less expensive and more compelling over the long haul. This is on the grounds that you can focus your efforts on an upgrade, and keep on iterating on what you made. You need not do a huge scale redesign each couple years.

When Should I Update My Website?

Frequent website updates are essential and viable for your web promoting technique, expanding your SEO and online presence in the meantime.

Following are some questions that you have to answer to know when should you update your website:

Question #1: Does your website fit for the competition?

Most business supervisors are continually observing their rivals and attempting to remain one stage ahead.

  • Have you fallen one stage behind when it comes to online presence and the online experience you are putting forth your clients?
  • What amount of cash is this costing you?

Question #2: Is your website optimized for search engines?

In the event that search engine spiders fail to read your web page because old technology is blocking them or not telling the spider what your web page is about, the web index will probably proceed onward to a better-designed website. So you can see a result in your site being positioned low in the web index.


Question #3: Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

The percentage of individuals utilizing smartphone and smart devices to get to the web has multiplied in the previous year. There are currently more than 150 million advanced smartphone users only in the US.

  • Have you tried visiting your site using your mobile phone?
  • What was the result?

Chances are the pictures didn’t show, or you needed to do a ton of “squeezing and looking over”, or the site didn’t load. Does your customer base fall into the demographics that are probably going to use a mobile device to get to your data or online items? If it is, you need to ensure they don’t get turned away.

Question #4: Is Your Site Suitable with Your Branding?

Have you ever updated your site to coordinate the look and feel of your recent storefront, signage, or displays?

Organizations today are discovering new and more differing channels to speak with their clients and customers, to support and build their brand. Modern business websites now have newsletters, blogs, and pamphlets, video demos, connections to web-based social networking, online stores, and a large group of different components.

What Should I Update?

Your site should be useful for your customers, and in doing as such needs to modify with their evolving mentality. You can utilize things like Google Analytics to track site execution and see what regions of your site are working and what ranges of your site are missing the mark. When you make sense of how to disentangle your investigation, you can take that data and organize change.

These progressions can include:

  • Making New Content

You can do keyword research to make sense of what individuals are searching for and make new pages, items, web journals, white papers, ebooks, and more to connect with clients and show thought authority. This is likewise truly vital regarding SEO, where making great content is the way to achievement.

Another part of this is overhauling things like news or the landing page. This shows individuals you are effectively drawn in, and continually refining. There is nothing more regrettable than setting off to a site and seeing something from months prior in a legend spot on the landing page. Being dynamic makes your site more dependable, and assembles your validity in your industry.

  • Re-design of Your Site

Web design is imperative from an ease-of-use standpoint. You need to ensure things work and alter them in the event that they do not. You do not have to upgrade your web design each day, yet you ought to monitor site performance and advanced plan patterns to ensure your site does not become backdated. This is a common issue for older sites than sites that have been upgraded as of late.


  • Adjusting Branding

On the off chance that your engagement is down, you can have a go at utilizing another voice or tone to appeal to individuals, or sending new messages to get your thoughts over. Another part of this is in slight brand outline changes. For instance, rolling out a color shading improvement is something that should effortlessly be possible in the code, and applied all around. You can give things a shot to see what sticks.

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How to Update My Website?

The principal thing you should do is consider SEO. Over and over again customers don’t stop to consider the SEO effect of changing their site. They hurl away important substance from authentic pages or choose it would be a smart thought to totally change each and every URL without diverting the old ones.

This happens in light of the fact that they misjudge how Google et al. perused a site and how URLs hold validity. It’s no blame of their own, however, it happens.

Crawl the Current Site

On the off chance that you don’t realize your site structure, you may face difficulties. Snatching the structure of your site, meta information and also URLs is fundamental to distinguishing precisely what is changing and why.

How to Do:

Your crawl will give you a guide of how your whole site is right now set out. The ideal approach to get this information is to utilize a device like Screaming Frog. When you have the present site’s meta information and structure, you will know how to coordinate the new site up.

Review the Old Site

Next, you have to review the site. Free tools like Woorank will carry out the job, however, get your hands filthy and physically take the necessary steps yourself. There’s in no way like getting into the lowdown of your site to discover any issue regions.

Here are some important things we check. In some cases it merits checking all the more, however, these are the best level checks:

  • Missing page titles
  • Page titles more than 512 pixels
  • Page titles underneath 200 pixels
  • Missing meta description
  • Copy page titles
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Copy H1 labels
  • Multiple H1 labels

Repeat the Process

After you have done this procedure once, you’ll have to repeat for alternate sheets to coordinate the Meta Descriptions, Word Counts, and so on. It’s vital to recall that the purpose of checking these zones is to guarantee that any progressions are great changes.

Additional Checks

Rank check

A rank check measures how the site performs for a large group of catchphrases in web search tools. You will utilize this information as an examination of the recently propelled site. On the off chance that things transform, you can respond and recognize the issues when you check the outcomes.

What to Do:

Look out for huge movements. On the off chance that a keyword bounced from page 1 to page 20, you may have an issue. Pay special mind to any huge or irregular developments by checking these things:

  • Did the URL change?
  • Has the page lost all its substance?
  • Is there a redirect setup?
  • Did you change the meta information?

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Can I Update My Website Myself?

This is completely critical. If you want to change simple things that can have deplorable results in the event that you aren’t cautious.

Making your own website update is nothing but a trade-off. It will frequently take you longer and may be more dangerous than having an expert carry out the job. Then again, it has a few benefits. For example, having the capacity to roll out improvements at whatever point it suits you.

Consider the time and cash you would spend on every option. In addition, ensure you pick the most valuable one.

It requires time and efforts

Dealing with your own particular site is exceptionally rewarding. You can figure out how to make basic adjustments rapidly, don’t be misled into feeling that site management is simple. The more you can find out about how sites function, the more secure and more compelling you will be.

The absolute best thing you can do to be more proficient with your sites is to learn HTML!

Remain in Sync

In the event that more than one individual is making changes to your website, ensure everyone realizes what is going on. It is common to overwrite another person’s work.

Can I Invite My Customers to Be a Part of This Update Procedure?

Yes! Opinions and feedback from your customers give you the sort of knowledge that converts visitors into your customers. Begin by soliciting what they think about your proposed plan. You can ask them if your plan appeals to them. At that point get some information about the issue they are hoping to explain and if the data they require access to is easy to find in your updated design. After you relaunch the site, inquire as to whether they like it. In the event that they say NO, address their worries through incremental design improvements, which your updated site should allow you to do easily.

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