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4 Major Elements of Content That Engages Your Audience

4 Major Elements of Content That Engages Your Audience

Brilliant ideas can come anytime, and they’re unique. With that said, great, engaging content always has some common elements. No matter how brilliant your tactics are (such as SEO, back linking, ads, PPC and more), the message is and has always been the essential factor of your success. It’s a pity we’ve come to realize that after many, many years.

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We presume your content marketing strategy has got the following two things:

Now the focus shifts to more an important part, which is…. How to keep them engaged?

Why Engagement?

As a content marketer you must have some Content Marketing Metrics in mind, but still, there’s room for more. While Jay Baer thought Consumption, Sharing, Lead, and Sales are the key factors to any content marketing strategy, there are four other metrics you need to take into account – and engagement is one of them.

According to Neil Patel:

“The one metric I really look at is comments per post. It tells me how engaged an audience is. No matter how much traffic you have, if you can’t cultivate an engaged audience you won’t be able to convert those visitors into customers.”

Highly engaging content, apart from getting “Likes and Shares” also depicts the following:

  • It increases session duration (time spent by visitors on your site/page) and page depth.
  • It generates more comments as your visitors ask content-related questions.

Moving on, here we have 4 of the most important aspects of winning content.

#1. Unpredictability

You’re going to get attention only when the readers think you have something they don’t know. Of course, initial attention is of prime importance, but it also vanishes quickly when there’s nothing different or new for the reader, viewer or listener.

The reason why people find some content irresistible is, it has to be unexpected and an unpredictable element. And that’s only possible when you know your audience and their interest.

How to Be Unpredictable

You need to understand what your audience is getting from your competitors. This can be a benchmark for you to cover your message from an unpredictable and unique angle. For content that fascinates visitors, you should have a combination of solid research and creative imagination.

One of the reasons why people forget your message is the absence of novelty – it kills fascination. As a result, people get bored and tune your message out, even if it was the most popular one in the past.

If your approach was to create unique content, you can stand out from the crowd, and this is why your content needs unpredictability. Moreover, when you talk about the unpredictable, it becomes predictable with time, so make sure you always include fresh ideas and topics to entertain your visitors.

#2. Simplicity

Clarity and simplicity are by far the key pillars of successful content because when you have an extraordinary idea, taking it to the optimum level can be difficult at times. As you do it, you make things more and more complicated for your reader and that, sometimes, makes your reader go away. On the other hand, oversimplifying a great idea can also defeat the purpose.

What you need to do is make things clear enough so that your story reads smoothly and sticks with your reader. Your audience should be able to feel they are part of the story. The content should be clear enough to guide and inspire and not bored your readers.

How to Be Simple

Once you have an idea and a unique angle for a story that can shake up the market, make it digestible:

  • Reduce your idea to a paragraph.
  • Revise it and try to reduce it into two sentences.
  • Do the same thing again and make it even shorter.

By the end, you’ll get a great tagline which contains some substance – things that your readers want to know about. This would be your primary headline.

#3. Reality

Everyone knows that in this era of social media, things should be real. So, you have to be authentic and have a human voice. In short, Be You!

Hang on!

Why would you do it, since social media is All About Them, not you?

How would you make your content real for your audience?

It’s quite fundamental that your content must be relevant to your audience. Relevance inspires meaning and a meaningful message stimulates action.

Meaning: It refers to a function that people before you believe. You know what your customers believe and how they see the world, and you want to frame that view more appropriately so that what they see becomes clearer to them.

  • Meaning is a function of belief. Your audience has certain beliefs and they perceive your message in a certain way. Meaning is based on that context and it needs to be clear enough to help your audience turn into valuable customers.

Meaningfulness: Another aspect of real content is – your prospect should get meaningful and tangible benefits out of it. With meaningful benefits, your message becomes authentic and your prospect feels connected with it.

By the term “tangible” we mean real benefits that your client can authenticate. They are easy to imagine and he feels connected to the idea.

For example, if an advertisement says, “How many of YOUR cell batteries equal HULK Battery?”, then shows exactly how long Hulk battery lasts, wouldn’t you give it a second thought? Well, most people would, as cell batteries are easy-to-buy and you can actually do the test yourself.

So, instead of saying, “Our HULK battery is 10 times powerful than the leading brand, today.”, they offered tangible benefit, which you can try. In short, your message should be as real and direct as possible

#4. Credibility

When you’re persuading, your message should move your reader emotionally before it gets to the brain. Why?

We all know that when we feel emotionally attached to something, even in our subconscious, we tend to find logical reasons attached to it. On the other hand, if we’re not emotionally moved by something, we tend to deny all logical reason, no matter how powerful they are.

So, before it gets inside the brain for logical reasoning, your message needs to hit the gut. If you manage to make your audience want to believe in your product, you can take advantage of that “gut feeling” and sell them anything.

What makes your message credible is people’s belief. If it matches what they believe, they’ll come to you. Your idea may be innovative and special, but then you have to work harder to prove it. And that’s where you need to keep in mind the principles of unpredictability and simplicity.


Before you arrive at the stage of making your content engaging, you have to spend tons of time on attracting customers to your site and find out what they want from you. Once you start getting attention, use your in-depth research and creative writing skills to make your message fresh and unique.

Make sure your tagline and title are so emotional that it becomes a catch phrase. This catch phrase can literally connect you with the people everywhere. And that’s where things start to happen for you.

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