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8 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Website

8 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Your website is essentially the identity of your business and therefore requires your utmost attention, dedication, and investment. When you redesign your website, it can result in massive benefits for your business, although it is not as simple as it seems. Website redesign not only includes the whole makeover of the website but also small changes in functions that can help make the user experience better.

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No website is perfect and therefore continuously needs improvement. It is your job to evaluate the performance of your website regularly and identify weak areas. No matter how high profile a business is, a dull online presence can be an obstacle to winning over more clients. At the end of the day, the game is about engagement and basic functions and design elements contribute towards that goal.

Here are 8 compelling reasons to redesign your website

1. Your Website Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

This is the most straightforward reason for you to think about making changes to your website. Okay, so you have a brilliant-looking website and things seem to run fine, but are you getting results? If you are not achieving your target sales, subscriptions, or whatever your goal is with your website, then it’s not working well.


The important part here is to analyze what is wrong with the website and causing it to not work well with your visitors. You need to start by examining the conversion rate and visitor to lead rate. You should monitor the behavior of customers on the website and try to identify the points where they stop and leave.

Is your website’s landing page attractive enough to encourage visitors to proceed to other pages? Are the pages properly linked with each other and cohesive? Is the website similar to the identity of your brand? Is the call to action placed in an appropriate position on the webpage? sk yourself such questions and you will discover what is wrong with the site and if you need a new website redesign strategy.

Signs Your Website is Not Meeting Your Expectations

2. Your Website Is Slow

If your website is running slow, it means that is not well developed or perhaps the hosting service you are using is slow. In any case, you should start fixing things. In today’s age, users expect speedy responses and results. A slow responding website will most likely lose visitors and it will leave a negative impact on SEO too.

No matter how interactive your website is, if it is not fully loaded in a few seconds, it will not do well. The bounce rate will increase massively and that is not good. You can use online tools like GTmetrix to check the speed of your website.

3. Your Website Is Not Responsive

The number of people using mobiles to browse the Internet has skyrocketed. And this trend is going to continue in the future which makes it necessary to have a mobile platform. Your website is responsive if can accommodate all users, no matter which platform they are visiting your website on.

If your website is not responsive, it will not work well with mobile devices or tablets. This means you need to propose a new website redesign project plan and get a responsive website to retain customers and stay in the race. Mobile has become so important that Google recommends it, especially if you have one website.

Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

4. Third-Party Tools Need Updating

Many websites use third-party tools on their websites but forget to update them. If they are not up to modern standards, users will find difficulties using them and will eventually go away. In many cases, it could be that these are causing conversions to slow down. Determine if the tools are working fine and responding well. If newer versions are available, update them. In some cases, it may be best to remove a tool if there is no update available and it has become ineffective. This step is vital and must be included in your website redesign checklist.


5. The Content Strategy Needs Improvement

Marketers know that content is the key to making sales and conversions and for ranking better in search engine rankings. You need an intelligent content strategy that focuses more on quality and diversity than quantity. Your website plays a crucial part as it hosts the content.

If you are making major changes to your content strategy, it is wise to redesign your website to support the new content. Remember, good quality content is only going to work if people are able to see it. The search engines can find the content and index it.

How to Build a Good Content Strategy

6. Failure to Build Credibility

In this era where there is so much competition and every business is trying to outrun others, everything comes down to credibility. People invest so much in websites because they want to establish credibility in the online world. If your website is failing to do so then you are in dire need of a good website redesign process. A good way to earn credibility is to include testimonials and social proof of your website. Are big firms your client? Use their logos as part of your website’s design and inform people about them..

That’s how our partners at Pagely build credibility

7. Lacks Originality

Visuals can make or break the image of your brand and show customers how serious you are about them. Today’s internet users are more sophisticated than they were a few years back and therefore have developed a liking for originality. The design and the images used should be original and show the value behind your business. Customers now want to see what it is like to use your product or services.

You have a lot of resources within your reach, including pictures from actual customers, creative illustrations or videos. The latter also contributes to improving the ranking of your website. Avoid stock photos and invest in adding original imagery during your website redesign if you can.

8. Difficulty to Maintain

If you find it hard to update, it is time to redesign your website. Traffic to your website relies on content and if you are not updating your website, you are continuously losing visitors and ranking. WordPress, for example, makes updating your website fast and simple.

You must simplify your website or move it to a content management system that makes it easy to upload new content. Your job does not end with the designing and publishing of a website, it is a continuous process that needs your attention.

Tips for Maintaining Your Website


Do not hesitate to make changes to your website even if it means investing a lot of money because the outcome is going to be enormous. You can redesign your website to improve functionality, update tools or get a new design from scratch. Many businesses (us included) redesign their websites because they want to stay fresh and give clients something new.

There are many tools online that can help evaluate design, speed, outreach and also help you redesign your website. Regularly checking the performance of your website is a good habit and is sure to make your online presence strong. Remember that your website is a means of communication; making it easier for you and your visitors to communicate with each other.

If you have any questions regarding a complete review of your site to improve your overall web presence, reach out and our team will get back to you.