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Four Ways to Improve a Web Developer’s Working Speed

In the web development field there are a few things we have to keep an eye on. One is quality of course, there is no going around it. High quality work pays better, reduces back and forth (time spent), scales better and is generally a good thing to push for. Quality comes with practice. More Read More

4 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Speed Up Your Site

It cannot be stressed enough that you should speed up your site. It can make or break you. The internet is all about speed. We want things and we want them now. According to experts, it takes a user 4 seconds to leave a website for another because it did not load quickly. This is Read More

What Does “Speeding up Your Site” Really Mean and How to Achieve it?

This article is first of the three-part series of “Why and How? – Speed Optimization for Your Site!” What does “Speeding up your site” really mean and how to achieve it? What Steps We Take for Dealing With the Page Load Time. Coming soon How faster load time affect your pagerank. Coming soon First, let’s see what Read More

WordPress Performance Optimization and Speed Improvements

DevriX is a full stack WordPress web development agency that will optimize each aspect of your web solution. Why does website speed matter? A slow website leads to a drop in SERP rankings (your position in Google Search pages), a decrease in your conversion rates and even website malfunction, whenever the server can’t handle all Read More

Top SEO and Marketing Tools for Marketers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. The world of search engines is complex and their algorithms are constantly changing. The latest Google core update announced on May 4th proves that. Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Read More

How to Pick a Brand Name for an eCommerce Business

Hold your horses on assembling keywords into a domain name and looking it up for availability. We will eventually get there anyway. For non-marketers, I have developed an actionable guide on how to invent a working and livelong brand name for an eCommerce business featuring tools and techniques. If you’re seeking out a working eCommerce Read More

Twelve Marketing Practices for Your Local Service Business

Apart from the intangible, marketing local services differ from marketing products by a very important distinction: the number of in-person touchpoints with the customer and the inherent necessity to keep in touch. Production and inventory costs pressured the companies selling physical products to heavily invest in marketing. Not being saddled with high fixed costs both Read More

Four Areas to Focus on When Content Writing During COVID-19

Every industry has been impacted in some way by the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, and this has thrown many marketers for a loop when it comes to publishing their upcoming content. Furthermore, with economies around the world in a substantial downturn and uncertainty being the name of the game, 2020 is going to be Read More

Google Chrome DevTools for Non-Developers

Google Chrome is among the most widely used browsers out there with nearly 65% of the users globally. And there is a good reason for that, it works well, it supports a ton of web features, integrates natively with all that google provides and it’s easy to use. But there is more than the user Read More

How to Test Your WordPress Website Features Like a Pro

WordPress is and will remain the leading CMS in the web development industry. With 63.1% of CMS market share, the number of WordPress websites will only rise. Unfortunately, that also means that the number of potential bugs and errors in websites rises too, which can be costly if you don’t know how to locate them. Read More