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4 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Speed Up Your Site

It cannot be stressed enough that you should speed up your site. It can make or break you. The internet is all about speed. We want things and we want them now. According to experts, it takes a user 4 seconds to leave a website for another because it did not load quickly. This is Read More

What Does “Speeding up Your Site” Really Mean and How to Achieve it?

This article is first of the three-part series of “Why and How? – Speed Optimization for Your Site!” What does “Speeding up your site” really mean and how to achieve it? What Steps We Take for Dealing With the Page Load Time. Coming soon How faster load time affect your pagerank. Coming soon First, let’s see what Read More

WordPress Performance Optimization and Speed Improvements

DevriX is a full stack WordPress web development agency that will optimize each aspect of your web solution. Why does website speed matter? A slow website leads to a drop in SERP rankings (your position in Google Search pages), a decrease in your conversion rates and even website malfunction, whenever the server can’t handle all Read More

How to Do Email Outreach Like a Pro

We shouldn’t diminish the importance of communication in our life. It is a part of our daily routine that follows us wherever we go. Communication helps us solve different issues, build new relationships, and move a business forward. The era of digitalization brought various innovations that made the process of communication much easier. We can Read More

6 Ways to Use Customer Experience as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

Ever wondered why Apple, on principle – whether creative or otherwise – releases variants of its new models? Take, for instance, the case of iPhone 11, which was recently released worldwide with three main variants, namely: iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. Three possible reasons come to mind: One, being the most obvious: Read More

Website Statistics You Should Actually Pay Attention To

You invest in a strong web presence for your product or service. A website is an incredibly important part of this strategy. How important? In an age where customers predominantly use search engines to research before buying, an attractive, informative destination tells potential customers your product or service should be taken seriously. Once you’ve built Read More

The Top Six WordPress Security Threats and Their Solutions

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) today! As the top-rated CMS, WordPress powers 34% of the Internet. It is an intelligent platform with powerful extensions that help site owners to customize their websites. In other words, WordPress dominates in the CMS realm! But, like every other CMS, WordPress can be vulnerable to Read More

Front-End React Developer

DevriX is now looking for a Front-end React Developer who can join the core team in Bulgaria. About the Company DevriX is a leading WordPress design and development company, actively contributing to the WordPress community – the Core platform, and other Open Source plugins, plus a large portfolio of free plugins. What we are looking Read More

Everything About WordCamp Sofia 2019

Last weekend (November 9th and 10th) was WordCamp Sofia 2019. So far, it’s been the camp with the biggest number of DevriXians attending – a total of thirty! As tradition goes, DevriX sponsored the conference and we had an engaging booth with lots of interactive games. Also, one of our tech leads had a highly Read More

Six Must-Have Features of an Enterprise Website

From lead generation to SEO, a powerful enterprise WordPress website must be capable of retaining users and boosting your sales. In today’s digital world, an exceptional website packed with functionalities is what helps you stand out from the pack. In short, you need to know how to leverage your website along with its powerful features. Read More

How to Improve Your Social Media Campaign Using Data Visualization

Today, we’re flooded with data from virtually everywhere. Information overload is a reality, people receive up to five times more information than they did 30 years ago. Our brains are configured to handle a certain amount of information regardless of what we’re looking at. But, technology has helped us adapt and pick things up much Read More