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Speed up Your Workflow When Building WordPress Themes

Speed is paramount to pretty much any project. Often, deadlines are quite tight and a good workflow in a team is the only way to meet it on time and keep everyone from burning out throughout the process. How would such a workflow look like? And how can you implement some best practices for your Read More

Tools and Approaches to Speed up the Web Developer’s Workflow

Web development bundles together a huge amount of stacks, tools, programming languages, and more. Some of the tools/workflows here would work in some cases, some in others. To better approach this, consider this post as written from the point of view of a WordPress Front-End developer, although the tools are quite broad and can be Read More

Four Ways to Improve a Web Developer’s Working Speed

In the web development field there are a few things we have to keep an eye on. One is quality of course, there is no going around it. High quality work pays better, reduces back and forth (time spent), scales better and is generally a good thing to push for. Quality comes with practice. More Read More

4 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Speed Up Your Site

It cannot be stressed enough that you should speed up your site. It can make or break you. The internet is all about speed. We want things and we want them now. According to experts, it takes a user 4 seconds to leave a website for another because it did not load quickly. This is Read More

What Does “Speeding up Your Site” Really Mean and How to Achieve it?

This article is first of the three-part series of “Why and How? – Speed Optimization for Your Site!” What does “Speeding up your site” really mean and how to achieve it? What Steps We Take for Dealing With the Page Load Time. Coming soon How faster load time affect your pagerank. Coming soon First, let’s see what Read More

WordPress Performance Optimization and Speed Improvements

DevriX is a full stack WordPress web development agency that will optimize each aspect of your web solution. Why does website speed matter? A slow website leads to a drop in SERP rankings (your position in Google Search pages), a decrease in your conversion rates and even website malfunction, whenever the server can’t handle all Read More

5 Winning Branding Initiatives on a WordPress Site

Building an effective branding strategy is the first but the most crucial step to the future growth of any business. A good strategy differentiates a brand from its competitors, promotes customer engagement, and reflects its value. This article delves into all you need to know about brand building and the most effective branding strategies to Read More

WordPress 5.8 Is Here: New Features and Improvements

WordPress 5.8 Tatum update, named after Art Tatum was released today. The latest version comes with lots of new features and usability improvements such as a new template editor, blocks as widgets interface, the new file format for images, enhanced block editor, as well as changes for developers who will now have more freedom to work Read More

Mastering the Art of Consumer Education: 5 Ways to Help Leads Convert

Consumers today are more conscious of the products and services that they purchase. With a plethora of online information, customers now consume facts and statistics before deciding to buy. In fact, according to Conductor, 131% of shoppers are more likely to buy after going through educational content. So, what is consumer education? It is defined Read More

WooCommerce Trends: What’s New in 2021

Online retail is at an all-time high. According to Statista, in 2020 alone, over 2 billion people purchased products and services online resulting in e-retail sales surpassing a whopping 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide. With so many people shopping on the web the eCommerce world is growing exponentially, and WooCommrece is confidently heading to the Read More