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Tutorial Category: Marketing

WordPress plugins

10+ WordPress Plugins That Will Help You Convert More

Being a WordPress contributor for so many years, DevriX has worked on and launched a number of paid and free plugins for different purposes. From adding attractive web page elements to setting up dynamic dashboards and sales CRM, you can count on Team DevriX to make your website more functional, interactive and engaging. The only Read More

SEO tools overview

SEO Tools Overview: Influencers Speaking

We’ve come across this interesting question in Quora: What is the best online service to track SEO rankings for a website? I want to regularly track my startup’s SEO results across multiple keywords and search engines. I would prefer to use an online service instead of a program. Regularly emailed reports and suggested keywords or Read More

Outdated SEO techniques

8 Outdated SEO Techniques That Will Not Work in 2017

Are you hurting your SEO efforts by practicing outdated SEO techniques? There are many individuals who use outdated SEO techniques today as they are OK with them. These SEO techniques are obsolete, out of date, and some of them are regarded as Black Hat SEO by Google. Practicing them in your SEO campaign is an Read More

10 Beautiful Reasons

10 Beautiful Reasons Marketers Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Inbound Marketing Advantages

The rise of inbound marketing seems to be unavoidable in this digital world in which we live. Reality unfolds and people are becoming more information-driven and search engines are their immediate resources to satisfy this thirst for information. Since vast amounts of information have become readily available on the Internet, this is beginning to control Read More

better digital marketing plan

10 Ways To Achieve a Better Digital Marketing Plan

Do you have a strong online presence? Be confident with your strategies by incorporating a better digital marketing plan to guide your way towards success. As the demand for technology arises, inevitably, digital marketing will become a big part of it. A better Digital Marketing Plan actively links your clients to you through your social Read More


SEM vs SEO: An In-Depth Review

What do you reckon with SEM and SEO? Do you think one is better than the other? Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two concepts in the Digital World that must not be missed. These practices are staples to achieving success online. It’s easy to assume that SEM and SEO mean the same Read More