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Tutorial Category: Marketing

What Is a Content Audit and How to Go About It?

Are you struggling to understand the behavior of your visitors on your site? Are your marketing initiatives working properly? If not, then why? Before we get into the step by step process of leading a content audit, let’s discuss some basics. What is a Content Audit? A content audit includes investigating all the content on Read More

10+ Ways to Boost Your Social Media ROI

Don’t you want your efforts to be considered seriously? If you, then it is important to prove their value. If you want to convince your clients and customers, then nothing will work better than showing results through your social media ROI.

content curation

Content Curation – Something Special

Content Curation is the demonstration of finding, assembling, and exhibiting content that encompasses particular topic. Content curation does not mean creating content, but rather, gathering content from an assortment of sources. It is the process of delivering content in an organized manner.

The Future of Content Marketing

Today’s businesses realize that content is the tool to attract and engage customers and takes them to the next level. It is no longer a side job; it has become a priority no matter what business it is and what size it is. And something that is of importance in the present, one can only Read More