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Tutorial Category: Marketing

analyze drip marketing campaigns

How to Effectively Analyze Drip Marketing Campaigns

If done properly, drip marketing has the power to build trust among brands and potential customers, and create a basis for converting prospects into customers. It is one of the most quantifiable marketing methods, and you can track everything, from who opened your email messages, to who clicked on your links and where do the Read More

Quora Marketing Strategy

How to Develop a Quora Marketing Strategy

The Internet is filled with educational hubs and became an integral element of people’s ambitions to learn. Its growth provided many opportunities to discover new knowledge and develop more skills, to contribute to the educational cause, and without a doubt, it became a more enjoyable place to teach and study than the classroom. With the Read More

Using Information Experience to Move Consumers Down the Funnel

Using Information Experience to Move Consumers Down the Funnel

Today a significant part of the business world is digitalized. Brands invest in designing, developing, and testing websites, applications, and business solutions, but often underestimate the importance of how information is displayed. Although customers decide to try something based on its functionality, they continue to use it according to how smooth the user journey is. Read More

[Infographic] A Guide to Remodeling Your Sales Process for the Modern Market

The market is getting more crowded each year. If you want to stand out amidst this modern yet increasingly competitive landscape, you should begin planning and incorporating game-changing sales and marketing techniques for your business. Implementing out-of-the-box ideas will put your business ahead of the curve. The groundwork for targeting your audience remains the same: Read More

Digital marketing

How Digital Marketing Is Going to Change Your Business Strategies

Business over the past two decades has undergone a transformational change. This transformation was initiated by the technology industry for B2B oriented businesses in order to deliver efficiency and productivity. Soon, this wave of transformation was applied to consumer-oriented businesses as well and speed became the subtext of every business transaction. So, what does this Read More