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43+ Best Tools for Successful Content Marketing

43 Best Tools for Succesful Content Marketing

Today, companies are known because of the stories associated with them through their content marketing. You can sell any product, but the question is: why would anyone prefer your product to another?

Billboards, radio spots and TV ads are not sufficient to connect with customers.

It is the content that tells your story, exhibits your values, and helps customers understand why they should connect with your brand.

By leveraging the right content marketing tools on the market, businesses can increase their exposure and brand awareness and attract prospects through education.

Best Content Marketing Tools

  1. SPUN for iPhone
  2. Feedly
  3. Quora
  4. Trapit
  6. AllTop
  7. Twitter
  8. Reddit
  9. Buffer
  10. Slideshare
  11. Yoast
  12. MailChimp
  13. PRWeb
  14. Followgen
  15. Tweriod
  16. Bundlr
  17. Trello
  18. Evernote
  19. Google Calendar
  20. IFTTT
  21. Pinterest
  22. Pocket
  23. Remember The Milk
  24. Harvest
  25. MindNote
  26. Meme Generator
  28. Google Ads
  29. GIMP
  31. Issuu
  32. Canva
  33. Embedded Tweets
  34. ThingLink
  35. PowToon
  36. UberFlip
  37. Contently
  38. SkyWord
  39. Text Broker
  40. Compendium
  41. Shareist
  42. NewsCred
  43. Everyone Social
  44. Brafton


1.SPUN for iPhone – it is an iPhone app with a really attractive interface. It curates the popular content available anywhere on the Internet – on websites, YouTube channels, Tumblr, Blogs and online magazines.

2. Feedly – It’s been long since Google Reader was shut down. Feedly has replaced it quite promisingly and has become the most popular RSS reader with over 15 million users. All you need to do is tailor your Feedly account with your favorite blogs, magazines, websites, and journals, and get an good amount of content feed.

3. Quora – Another way to discover ideas is to ask readers on social platforms, and Quora is the right tool to do just that. Here, users discuss ideas and make them worthwhile by showing interest and giving their inputs as well. You can identify trends on this platform, gauge the depth of your ideas with the help of user inputs, and direct your efforts in the right way.

4. Trapit – It is an iPad-customized app that helps you personalize the content feed according to your interest. This smart app takes into account your feedback and gives you the kind of content every time. So, your content search with Trapit will be more purposeful and better from your previous experience.

5. – This content marketing tool helps you browse curated newsletters and online newspapers from countless online sources. newsstand offers a wide range of topics through staff picks of newspapers.

6. AllТop – This is the tool that gives you access to the specific niche you’re focusing. Find indexed content from a multitude of publications. Topics are categorized by Work, Culture, Health, Tech, Interest, Good, People, News, Sports, and Geo.

7. Twitter – Only a Тwitter user knows best what’s popular and what’s not. You can gain insight into the kind of content you should develop, by searching trending topics on this social platform. You can search industry specific hashtags and find worthwhile content according to your interest.

8. Reddit – It helps you find trending topics and discussions going on the web. It shows the popularity of the topic with a number so that you never have to go deep down and find whether it’s good for your next post. You can analyze which topics are gaining maximum attention and create an article, infographic, video, or image on that idea.

Content Marketing and Distribution Tools

9. Buffer – Buffer is a way to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can choose the best time of the day during which most people find your posts, on these platforms. In this way, you can optimize views and boost your content. This tool is really helpful in streamlining the content on each of these platforms.

10. Slideshare – Most marketers often overlook this amazing content marketing tool that lets you create a deck and draw attention to the variety of products or services available on your website. For example, this YouTube Virality deck directed 20,000+ viewers to the creator’s website.

11. Yoast – It is probably the best WordPress search engine optimization plugin that can boost your content and your website to its maximum potential based on all popular search engines. Website owners can learn the SEO processes followed on the web and implement them on their websites in the best possible manner.

12. MailChimp – when it comes to email marketing, MailChimp is the most sophisticated email marketing platform that helps you market your content to everyone in your email list. Even if you don’t have a list, this platform has enough potential to fuel new subscribers by sharing exclusive content related to your business and industry.

13. PRWeb – Don’t know where to send SEO optimized press release? PRWeb is the right place to do just that. It gives you an opportunity to share your content with over 3 million monthly visitors, 30,000+ journalists, and 250,000 opt-in news subscribers. You can use this platform to create press releases, distribute them and keep an eye on their progress.

14. Followgen – If you have a problem finding the target audience for brand promotion, Follogen allows you to find meaningful prospects on the social media. This tool has only one objective – put the right kind of platter for the right kind of customers. It’s just the ideal mix of social advertising and targeting system that makes considerable difference in your conversion rate.

15. Tweriod – If you’re using Buffer to schedule posts on popular social networks, use Tweriod to know the ideal time to tweet. It will be very helpful for you if you have an international brand so that you can tweet your content according to the high-traffic hours of a particular region. With free reports about the best time to tweet in different regions of the world, you can place your content in front of a larger audience, and get favorable results.

16. Bundlr – A complimentary resource for your content marketing tools. You have every kind of audience on the web with different tastes and flavors. With this plugin, you can create topic pages (bundles) with articles, photos, videos, tweets and more. The more variety you offer, the more are the chances that your content will be shared. Use “Bundle This!” plugin to clip content from your browser. The plugin makes it quick, simple and effective for you to create a bundle of your content with other information relevant to your niche.

Online Organization Tools

17. Trello – You can use this as a free tool suitable for organizing tasks. You can organize anything, your ideas, documents, videos, images, or other media on simple cards. Team members can collaborate and streamline ideas for content, and support or reject ideas by gathering real-time feedback.

18. Evernote – It helps you store fresh content ideas which you can refer to and edit later on. Find anything on the web, or come up with a unique though, Evernote helps you elaborate your ideas with a chain of relevant information.

19. Google Calendar – the Google Calendar is a tool that allows you to organize your production calendar and make timely edits.

20. IFTTT – Create different types of recipes by connecting different apps and accounts. This app is available for iOS and Androids (Do Recipes); and PCs (If Recipe for simultaneous tasks on two or more separate platforms).

21. Pinterest– Pinterest can also help you organize content resources. While you can create boards for public viewing, there’s also a secret board option to share the content with your team only.

22. Pocket – Like Evernote, Pocket also serves as a platform to save articles, images, and videos. You can either save from the browser or from 300+ apps like Twitter, Flipboard, and Pulse etc. and view them later.

23. Remember The Milk – It makes remembering tasks easier. You can schedule and set important reminders which will be sent to you via SMS, IMs, or email. Google Calendar can be used with this app.

24. Harvest – You can track your time spent on particular content marketing activities with the help of this easy-to-use software app. It will help you plan your next day and become more productive.

25. MindNode – This app is customized for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. You can mind-map your ideas on MindNode canvas, elaborate thoughts using images, and everything will be saved into iCloud so that you can retrieve it from other devices.

Honorable Mention: ClockSpot is an online time clock, helping entrepreneurs keep an eye on their team. It makes monitoring overtime, reviewing payroll reports and timesheets extremely easy.

Content Creation Tools

26. Meme Generator – Posts with cartoon characters do well on social networks. You can add cartoons to your content by choosing the appropriate one. Or you can embrace the power of meme marketing and create your own meme.

27. – You can make your impact with an informative infographic, and is the one stop shop for some of the best ones. Create your account and have access to over 30,000 infographics.

28. Google Ads – Creating attractive and trending topic is a challenge for many content marketers. Now with Google Ads you can search popular keywords that will eventually help your content appear at the top of the search engine.

29. GIMP – This free-to-use software helps create visually attractive content marketing collateral. That software can be used for photo retouching, image authoring and image composition.

30. – You can resize images according to your requirement with the help of this online tool. Whether it’s an e-book, PDF, blog post or infographic, you can resize anything and give a more professional look to your images.

31. Issuu – It’s available in free and paid versions. You can create attractive look books and magazines using this online tool.

32. Canva – It is amazingly simple designing software that helps create images, posters, infographics, presentation slides and other kinds of images. Its features are simple and free to use. There are millions of images and hundreds of fonts on this app to create unique content.

33. Embedded Tweets – It’s new and innovative idea of engagement. You can add live tweets using Embedded Tweets to your content and make it more credible. Tweets are displayed with images, videos, and summaries of articles. It also allows readers to retweet or follows the author of a tweet.

34. ThingLink – You can annotate videos and images with rich media links, using ThingLink. With over 8 million users, Thinglink allows creating interactive images, posters, albums, infographics and much more. You can also curate interactive channels with popular images and videos.

35. PowToon – You can create animated videos and interactive presentations to make your content more engaging. PowToon is just the right app for this purpose; and it’s free to use.

36. UberFlip – Now you can optimize conversion rate with UberFlip. It allows you to centralize your content into a responsive content Hub. With UberFlip, you can set the content stream and show your audience the right kind of content, and increase engagement.

Content Writing Tools

37. Contently – This is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to hire, manage and pay freelance writers, and keep track of their activities as well.

38. Skyword – Businesses can use this tool to have different levels of writing services. It has over 200,000 professionals including content writers, designers, storytellers, and videographers that can jumpstart your content marketing program.

39. Textbroker – It is the leading content and article writing service with highly skilled professionals to deliver the best content for your marketing campaign. With Textbroker, you can create content in 10 different languages at fairly reasonable rates.

40. Compendium – You’ll get the right kind of tools to plan, publish and promote your content with Compendium. You can also measure the effectiveness of your content on different online platforms from a single dashboard.

41. Shareist – This editorial platform helps small to medium businesses in every step involved in content marketing cycle. It offers research tools, scheduling tools, curation tools and page creation tools to help you remain active on social media, and keep your audience engaged.

42. NewsCred – This interactive platform offers businesses thousands of sources full of articles, images and videos to boost their content marketing program. Brands like Pepsi, HP, Dell, Pfizer, Xerox and many more, use this platform for content marketing.

43. Everyone Social – It offers simple way to curate, share and measure content with quite sophisticated interface. You can promote your business through “Word-of-mouth” technique, letting your employees play their part as thought leaders.

44. Brafton – It offers a full range of content marketing services including video generation, content analysis, content writing and graphics for better customer engagement.

Wrap Up

It is highly unlikely (and illogical) that you should go for all of them. However, you can choose some of them depending upon the areas where you find yourself wanting. Share with us your favorite content marketing tools and how effectively you can use them.